Show only post Titles in Oxwall Blog Lists

When a user goes to your oxwall blog, they find a long list of blog post in your blog index page, here is a simply guide that will help you show only post titles and author information in the blog index page.

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Why do I need to show only post titles in blog page?
Do you think users are interested to read every blog post in your oxwall blog list? Obviously no, the simple reason why you need to show only post title in your oxwall blog list is to enable user to glance through your long list of blog topics and read only the topic that interest them.
This method does not show only the post titles, but a summary of the post details, which includes: post title, author picture, author name and date.

How to Show only post Titles in Oxwall Blog Lists

The steps are so simple, follow them calmly and profit an unbelievable result.
  • Logon to cpanel
  • Download and edit this file: /ow_plugins/blogs/views/controllers/blog_index.html (for backup)
  • Using a code editor, edit /ow_plugins/blogs/views/controllers/blog_index.html
  • Find and delete this code {$post.text}
  • Save your changes

Clear Your Cache

As we all know, every custom code modification you do on the oxwall software requires you to clear your cache. Simply follow the steps here to clear your cache.

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