Place Ads Code Inside Oxwall Blog Post

I know you might be wondering after reading my article on how to ad adsense code within oxwall forum post: “what the hell is this dude doing about placing ad codes in oxwall blog post?” well, consider the next few paragraph as goodnews because in less than 60s (if you are a fast reader) you will be rocking your new “ad ready” blog post.

Who Needs Ad Inside Blog Post?

If you are asking this question, my best guess is that you are using the advertisement plugin from the store, but may I ask you a question, how effective has the advertisement plugin been?

 Limitations of Advertisement Plugin

The oxwall advertisement plugin is one of the few plugins I regarded when I was new to oxwall (I still regard it now), it has some amazing features such as geo-targeting (yes, you can target an ad for a particular country/region with advertisement plugin), choosing specific position and pages to place ads, managing your ad and placement right from your admin dashboard and most essentially, it is free! These are awesome features, aren’t they? But is it really enough?

What’s more?
With no disrespect to the great oxwall developer who made this awesome plugin, I would like to say that the oxwall advertisement plugin is a way too limited to run your community website. Consider the number of people who publish forum and blog post everyday in your community website, now consider the number of people who read this topics, do you think you can do better with clicks and impressions?

Ofcourse you can do better!

Placing ads within blog or forum post will increase your click rate (ofcourse, impressions too) in an unbelievable manner, the truth is that users tends to visit the blog more often than any other page in your oxwall powered site, this traffic, most times comes from search engine and social media, so you need to take advantage of this “free traffic” and maximize your ads revenue.

All in One Step: Place Your Ads Code Inside Oxwall Blog Post

I don’t want to go into long explanation that will bore you, lets make this as simple as you will find it. In the image above you will notice two sizes of ads (250*250 As and 728*90 Ad), I will show you how to implement those ads.

  • Using ftp/cpanel download and edit view_index.html:


250*250 Ad Inside Blog Post
Using a good code editor like Notepad++ locate the following key:

  • By default you should find the above code in line 4 but I recommend you use ctrl+f for search. Just before (above) the above key paste the following code:

 <div style=’float:right; padding: 5px; margin: 5px;’>

728*90 Below Blog Title Ad

  • Just at the top of the page before the first <div class=”clearfix”> paste the following code:

YOUR 728*90 AD CODE GOES HERE</center>

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Complete the Process….

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