Hire an Oxwall & Skadate Developer: Start your Dating & Social Networking Site Like a Pro

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Hire an Oxwall & Skadate Developer

Oxwall is an opensource community project used mostly for building social networking websites. The software was adapted by Skalfa for their premium dating software, Skadate. The Skadate software is mostly based on the Oxwall core, with a few plugins and themes to extend the functionalities and give it the ‘dating-site feeling’.

Oxwall and Skdate offers unseen level of efficiency when you need a full-featured, working site.

You can further extend the features of Skadate and Oxwall by purchasing already made plugins from the Oxwall developers store. These plugins are complete units of functionality, developed by independent developers on the community and can be used for various purposes.

However, if the features you are looking to implement is not already developed or you fancy something more unique and tailored to your need, I now offer premium services for Oxwall & Skadate custom plugin development.

Skadate & Oxwall Custom Plugin Development

The Oxwall plugin store contains over 360 plugins. I have proudly contributed 30 of those. That’s a LOT of possibilities. But as anyone in the Oxwall community can tell you, the possibilities for a plugin are limitless. Whether you can’t quite find a plugin with the right fit, or need a completely custom solution, I can help!

My Custom Oxwall and Skadate Plugin Development service is tailored to suit your specific requirements. I can add custom features to modify my existing plugins in a way that best suits your needs, or create a totally unique plugin from scratch! Check out just a few of the custom solutions I have developed in the past below.

Custom Plugins I’ve Developed

  • Auto-Messaging System – This Oxwall plugin was developed to automatically drip-in schesduled messages to users of DatingKinky.com inbox with tips on how to use the website. An admin can filter, to have different users (based on gender or interest) to receive different messages. DatingKinky.com admin can also schedule various auto message for users based on last activity on the website. For example, they can set a messge to be sent to users who hasn’t visited the website in 7 days or joined 30 mins ago.
  • License Manager Plugin– This custom plugin acts as a license server that makes calls to desktop applications. Once the desktop app is opened, the plugin will check the version of the desktop app and let the user know if there is an update available.
  • CSV Export Plugin-A custom Oxwall solution to help sites export a list of users. This powerful plugin was developed to help site owners export and CSVs with the option to customize fields.

Why Hire Me?

Unlike many developers, I do all my work with debug-mode enabled to ensure clean code and minimize errors. Unfortunately, no code is 100% fool-proof, and I can’t foresee every possible configuration, but if my code doesn’t work on your site I am always happy to find a way to make it work!

My goal is to provide you with the best, most reliable solution possible to your development needs. If that means passing up a job in favor of a less expensive (or, we can only hope, free) solution, then so be it. If there’s an existing solution to your needs, I’d rather tell you and gain a happy future customer than make a quick buck.

Upgrade Ready Set-Ups

I strictly follow the Oxwall standards and object oriented programming to make sure they isolate custom developed options from core structure of platform hence avoiding any issues with the seamless upgrade process whenever Oxwall comes up with a new version.

Providing Flexible Solutions

My wide range of services and engagement models enables you to select the one, which you feel best for your project. With already finalized requirements I offer fixed budget / time solution, wherein I request to hire resources with SaaS based model and hourly engagement for short term services.

Framework Development

My experience of delivering more than 500 projects of all nature including Oxwall and Skdate theme development to platform customization, plugin development & regular maintenance, led me to utilize Oxwall core structure implement requirement in progressive manner making deliverable super efficient.

On-Time Deliveries

As a certified project manager, I use advanced and efficient management tools to map the skill set needed to satisfy a project requirements and their deliverable to maximize the output within tight deadlines and quick ETAs making seamless deliveries with every project I execute.

NOTE: Not every plugin can be guaranteed within a predetermined amount of time. Depending on the complexity of the plugin, I will inform you upfront if your plugin will take additional time for research or development.

Briefing Details

I will work with you throughout the development process to determine the exact scope of your project and ensure you get exactly what you need. Once it’s ready, I will gladly assist you with the initial installation and configuration if necessary.

To get started, send details of your project using the form below.

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