Skadate Dating Software Review and Download

Skadate Dating Software

Last updated on December 25th, 2023 at 03:22 pm

Skadate dating software is currently the most reliable and complete premium dating solution on the web. I should know, as I have firsthand development experience with Chameleon script, Social Engine, and WordPress SweetDate.

Chameleon script is mostly hard-coded, with little flexibility given to developers and users. Social Engine is a well-rounded social networking script, but that’s about it. WordPress is the best platform for blogging, e-commerce, and a million other things, but dating is not one of them. The SweetDate theme is living proof of that.

Skadate on the hand, is a premium dating software built on the Oxwall open source project and around a community of developers. The software comes with over 30 premium dating themes you can choose from and core plugins that equips your website with all dating functions from the start.

In short, Skadate is what you need when you want to start a dating website with all the features of premium dating website, zero knowledge of coding and the flexibility of extending features without breaking system core.

What’s more? based on 
 Skadate Dating Software based on Skadate and extended with custom plugins and theme. [Design by: Ebenezer Obasi]

Skadate core can be extended to do anything you seem fit by simply developing a custom plugin or purchasing an existing plugin that fits your requirement from the Oxwall developer store.

Support: The basic Skadate Package comes with 1 month support while the premium package is supported for 1 year. Additional support may be added when you purchase a support plan. I also offer premium support service which goes beyond answering a few question to developing themes, plugins and mods.

Mobile Support: Skadate is fully supported on Mobile. There is a full-fledged mobile application available for both Android and iOS devices. There is also a progressive web application (PWA) that can be accessed from any smartphone. Responsive themes are also available to build websites that adapts to any screen size.

Hosting: Skadate provides hosting service. In fact, you have one month to test Skadate on a hosted server free!

Themes: The MVC pattern of Oxwall allows us to keep the application model and the visual aspect of your website (themes) separately. The good thing about treating themes separately is that anyone with even the least CSS skill can make one. If you get bored of toying around with basic styles, you can hire a developer to create a well rounded dating theme that is unique to your need.

Community: You are not alone! it’s important for you to remember that when you are running a dating website based on a software. Both Oxwall and Skadate keeps a community forum where can connect with other members using the software. If the answers you are seeking are not forth coming, you can as well leave ask your question here or join our community.

Try Skadate

You can try Skdate live without purchasing the software. The live demo (web frontend, admin panel and mobile apps) will give you a sense of a full-functioning online dating business in action.

Keep in mind that you can extend the open source website product with custom development and addition of third-party plugins the fits your requirements.

Skadate Web Demo

Skadate Dating Software Web Demo

Login: demo
Pass: demo

Login: admin
Pass: demo

Skadate Mobile Apps Demo

To launch Progressive Web Apps demo, open Skadate demo site in your smartphone’s browser or visit from your desktop.

Skadate demo app is also available for iOS and Android platforms.

In-app demo URL:
Login: demo
Pass: demo

In-app demo URL:
Login: demo
Pass: demo

Try Skadate Dating Software for Free

You can as well request a free four-day trial to get a first-hand experience and familiarize yourself with SkaDate Dating Software. Step-by-step email guides with screenshots are as well provided.

Buying Skadate Dating Software

Skadate offers a range of packages to suit your needs and budget. To begin, simply go to and click on the ‘Order‘ button to compare Skadate packages.

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