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Last updated on January 14th, 2024 at 03:56 am

Congratulations on acquiring your Skadate dating software license – the first step is complete! Your Oxwall or Skadate website is up and running? Fantastic! You’ve even got a few users in the early days? Impressive! Your Oxwall/Skadate marketing efforts are showing!

Now, here comes the truth bomb: as the weeks or months unfold, you’ll discover that Oxwall or Skadate is just the tip of the iceberg. Learning the hard truth that it takes more than just buying fancy themes, plugins or custom modification to cultivate and maintain a thriving community.

If you’re nodding in agreement, this article is precisely what you need to kickstart your journey. Let’s dive in!

Oxwall/Skadate Marketing Through Community Building

Community building strategy is often mistakenly an afterthought. Every Tom, Dick and Harry can setup an Oxwall and Skadate software. It takes years of building, strategic Oxwall/Skadae marketing and maintaining a thriving community to understand that software is only a start and real commitment can’t be cloned.

Skadate Dating Software

In the last four years, I have watched tens of Oxwall users with potential genius ideas come and ago – I’ve even had the pleasure of working on some of this platform and discussed visions and ideas with the clients – only to come back a year later  to meet an empty page.

While some are very convinced that Oxwall or Skadate means failure for a developing site, some of my clients with me have found a way through the challenges and carved out a place for their names on the internet.

Make your Oxwall/Skadate Website your Business?

Is your website even a business or just another domain name on the internet?

The way you perceive and treat your website reflects your commitment to its success. The social networking and online dating genre is a highly competitive niche. If you are ever in doubt, a casual glance at the dating category on the App Store or Google Play Store quickly reveals the intense rivalry.

Assuming you want to give your Skadate website a fighting chance to survive in the highly competitive online dating niche, your first step is to start thinking of your website as an actual business – an investment worth more than a few minutes of your leisure time. Keep track of every time spent, every last cent invested and try to set up a routine for your website – For instance, you can have a working time and a closing time.

During your designated working hours, dedicate your focus solely to the growth of your website. This is the time for undivided attention, strategic planning, and active engagement. Now, consider allocating a fraction of those hard-earned cents into marketing initiatives. In the digital landscape, even a modest investment can yield substantial returns.

What to do with your working time?

Like I said, your working time should solely be dedicated to growing your website with undivided attention. The question on everyone’s mind then should be “How do I grow my website?”.

1. Branding – Give your Skadate/Oxwall Website an Identity

How would you rate your website’s brand presence?

If you’re still relying on the default words and design that came with your Oxwall/Skadate site, it might be time for a change. Consider shedding those tired intro texts tailored for spammers and link builders, and let’s elevate your website’s identity.

Start your Oxwall/Skadate marketing journey by incorporating your own clean and simple logo as a favicon and image watermark. Personalize your brand by donning shirts featuring your website’s logo, prominently displaying it in your YouTube videos, and actively seeking attention.

Investing in your brand doesn’t have to break the bank. Allocate funds for eye-catching initiatives like sponsoring local events, printing fliers, and banners. Aim to make at least five new individuals aware of your brand each day.

For an added boost in brand awareness, explore the benefits of Webcilo’s paid brand promotion packages. These packages publish articles about your business on blogs related to your niche and distribute press releases through vital news databases and wires. This amplifies your message to journalists and media influencers, ensuring visibility on Google News, Yahoo News, and 100+ reputable NBC, FOX, ABC & CBS affiliate sites.

2. Email Marketing is not Dead!

With every smartphone user preferring WhatsApp messaging over emailing, a lot of people believe email marketing is dead… But come on, everyone still get to check their email at least once a day.

Collect emails in whatever way you can, build a mailing list – Mailchimp is a free and premium email building service – Send them promotions and giveaways and above all, try not to spam them.

Remember to brand your Skadate/Oxwall emails

A company’s brand represents who it is and what it does, which is why it’s essential for branding to be used and displayed correctly in every possible medium.

Corporate email is often a medium where branding goes amiss, despite being the most common business communication method. Branded email signatures can be very beneficial to a company, take a look at the reasons below as to why it’s important to use email signature branding.

a. Brand conformity

Conforming to brand guidelines is an essential first step when designing a corporate email signature. Your company logo and brand colors can help inform the design, and using your company’s guidelines will ensure your brand is being used correctly.

b. Brand awareness and recognition

Every email you send is an opportunity for the recipient to get to know your brand, it’s an opportunity to raise brand awareness through the use of email signatures.

Branded signatures also help to create a sense trust, if the recipient of an email recognizes your brand and company, they’re more likely to reply or engage.

c. Professionalism and consistency

Not having consistent, branded signatures on corporate emails can have a negative impact on a company’s reputation as it can come across as unprofessional and unkempt. Do you really want your customers thinking badly of your company all because of a messy email signature?

That’s why it’s important for all employees to have a well-designed email signature that correctly display your company’s brand on every email they send.

The Oxwall/Skadate HTML Mail Weaver plugin allows you to create your own professional Oxwall/Skadate e-mail template within a few minutes without any coding skills. The plugin wraps all outgoing emails from a website within a custom template you have designed and allow you to include your website app download links in the email footer, as well as customizable footer attribution.

3. Try Contests & Giveaways

A lot of small companies and startups are begging to give away their products. All you have to do is find the ones related to what your Oxwall social network is all about and give away this products when a visitors complete a certain actions – Say, sign up on the site or refers a new user.

4. A dollar a day

Social media marketing is one of the most effective means of marketing in the modern trend. There is nothing wrong and absolutely no shame in growing your website with Facebook. You can embrace the a dollar a day technic on Facebook to grow both your Facebook page likes and website visitors. Warning! Do not keep the page dry.

5. Blogging, your new hobby

Write useful search engine friendly blog post that is related to your website. Assuming your website is a dating site, you can come up with a title like ‘Five things to observe in your first date’. It’s one of the easiest method to build your website using the power of search engines.

6. Oxwall/Skadate Marketing with Guest Post

Look up for blogs on the internet related to your website interest and contact the blog owners for an opportunity to guest post. If granted, write a decent article and try not to pay too much attention to link building, instead, mention your site name as much as you can, Google will do the rest.

Your Oxwall Website is the Future…

Your website which is now your business is the future, let people use it. According to ComScore, Pinterest was able to reach a global audience of  48.7 million users in just 3 years… Three years was enough for the company to beat its competitors and hit a remarkable height. For many today, the internet means Google, Facebook, Twitter and social networking at large. Where is your place on the internet?

Oxwall YourWebsite Share Button Plugin
Oxwall YourWebsite Share Button Plugin

Probably, the best way to get people to use your product is to let them know they can market theirs easily with yours. Why don’t you let developers promote themselves on your website by adding your website share button on their apps, website or email?  While the new YourWebsite Share Button Oxwall plugin alone may not help you reach 48.7 million users in 3 years, it surely will help your website gain the much needed exposure and interaction for faster growth.

Statistic shows that well over 70% of pinterest users got to know about it through their share button (Pin Button). The moment you start using this plugin, you stopped being the only one desperate to grow your website: Website owners will display your share button in prominent places – especially when it’s a known brand – to get their users to share their contents on your website. When people see your share button, they want to know what the website is all about and from sharing one content, they become constant visitors and potential users.

Do not ruin it!

Everything is best in it’s simplest form, don’t over do it. There is certainly no point adding a plugin your users don’t need. If your website is already slow, why add an auto-load newsfeed plugin to make it slower? I personally hate videos and audios auto playing and I’m certain half of the world hates it too. No need to keep changing designs day in day out, instead, invest those time into something creative such as writing useful, search engine friendly articles on your blog page – as always, content, not design, is king.

Bottom line, be careful of what you turn your Oxwall website into. Avoid the use of unnecessary plugins and stick to one design you are okay with. As much as possible, try to keep it simple and watch your website grow majestically.

Over to you; Start your Oxwall/Skadate Marketing

The social networking and online dating landscape demand more than passive existence. It requires proactive measures, a business-oriented mindset, and a commitment that extends beyond the confines of leisure. Treat your website like a thriving enterprise, invest wisely, and watch as it transforms from a mere domain name into a robust and successful online presence. Your Skadate website deserves not just attention but a deliberate, strategic investment for enduring success.

Have I said it all? What don’t you agree with? Please share your views.

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