PHP 7 has been released

Last updated on May 5th, 2018 at 02:48 pm

PHP 7, the 7th major update in the server-side programming language, has made its release as of December 3rd. PHP is a server-side programming language that powers over 200 million websites, and is the fourth most popular programming language in the world.

PHP 7 is the first major update to the language since PHP 5 was released back in 2004.  The major change within this update is performance improvements from the language. It now is much faster, consumes less memory resources on machines, and more. Among the list of summarized changes were a consistency with 64-bit support, many fatal errors being made into exceptions, return and scalar type declarations, anonymous classes, and many more.

PHP safe mode has been removed as well alongside magic quotes and a few reserved keywords. The new language may require some software, framework, and sites to re-engineer a bit, but it is seemingly compatible (with WordPress) and even so, it will take several years for the newest update of the language to be adapted to servers and websites all around the world.

You can download PHP 7 here. If you need help with the language migration, a guide is available. For the complete, extensive changelog: click here.

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