My Social Media Widgets – Oxwall Plugin

Powerful plugin to displays user’s personal Google+ profile badge, Twitter feeds, Facebook like box, and Facebook page feeds on profile.

My Social Media Widgets – Oxwall Plugin

My Social Media Widgets plugin is a powerful but ‘easy-to-use’ Oxwall and Skadate plugin. It enables your website users to display their social media widgets on their profile pages. Website users can enter their social media details on their ‘profile edit’ page or on their profile page.


The following widgets are currently available.

  • People Google+ profile badge.
  • Page Google+ profile badge.
  • Twitter profile feeds.
  • Facebook page plugin.

Visitors to your users profile pages will be able to follow or like them instantly on social media and can also tweet to them directly from their profile.

This plugin is listed on the Oxwall store. You can also take a look at the demo page to experience first hand, what this plugin is all about.

Frontend Features of My Social Media Widgets  Oxwall Plugin

The easy-to-use plugin features user friendly interface and we made sure that users can find the widgets settings easily.

  • Twitter widget will only be displayed if the user has entered their twitter handle.
  • Users must enter their Google+ personal or business ID display Google+ widget on their profile page
  • Facebook widget is only displayed when the user has filled in their Facebook username information.
  • A link to enter information is displayed when a user’s widget information is missing (Only the profile owner can see this link).
  • Users can edit their information from their profile edit page.
  • Members will be able to see other members profile widget.

Admin Backend Features

Website administrators, you have total control over what is displayed on the profile widgets. You will be able to:

  • Set widgets width and height.
  • Re-arrange widgets on profile page.
  • Disable showing ‘Add Now’ link on widgets if information is missing.
  • Set widget theme.
  • Set twitter link colors.
  • Choose Google+ badge to display (People or Page).
  • Select Google+ layout.
  • Show and hide Google+ badge cover photo (both people and page).
  • Show and hide Google+ badge tagline (both people and page).
  • Set Facebook page plugin to display stream.
  • Show and hide faces on Facebook page plugin.
  • Set Facebook page widget border.
  • Show or hide Facebook page plugin header.

Multilingual Oxwall Plugin

My Social Media Widgets oxwall plugin is multilingual. This means that you can translate the plugin to other languages if your Oxwall or Skadate site is multilingual. You can also visit the language settings of your website and translate this plugin at any time.