Skadate Site Search: Search-wide plugin for Oxwall & Skadate

Oxwall site-wide console search with auto-suggestion and the ability to save user search terms. Plugin provides users with a quick access to a compact customizable site search form on the console area.

Oxwall Site Search Plugin

Oxwall Site Search is basically a plug and play search plugin compatible with Skadate and Oxwall.

The plugin provides users with a quick access to a compact customization site search form on the console area.

Users search terms are stored on the database. Terms are updated after each search query and users will be able to see their saved search terms on the search result page.

You can see Site Search plugin in action on the demo site or go straight to the Oxwall store to purchase the plugin right away.

Features of Site Search Plugin

This Facebook-like search plugin is designed with your users in mind, categorizing each search result based on plugin — with a link to search a specific plugin.

Some of the key functions bundled with Oxwall Site Search plugin includes:

  • Search results sorted in the order of date.
  • Fuzzy matching: match partial words, if complete words don’t match.
  • Find documents matching either just one search term (OR query) or require all words to appear (AND query).
  • Multilingual.

Supported plugins include:

  • Newsfeed
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Events
  • Yoom Chatroom
  • Groups
  • Photos
  • Users
  • Forum


  1. In your admin panel, go to Plugins -> Add and click the ‘Add New’ button.
  2. Upload your copy of you have purchased from the store.
  3. Go to Available Plugins, locate ‘Site Search‘ and click ‘Install
  4. Navigate to Plugins > Plugins > Site Search > Settings in your admin panel and customize to taste.

Admin Settings

As an admin, you can:

  • Choose to use a site icon or a search box.
  • Configure search autofill to show suggest website content or user’s saved terms.
  • Choose from various icon styles.
  • Configure users role authorizations.

Multilingual Support

Site Search plugin is compatible with Oxwall localization and can be translated into several languages. This can be done directly from the Oxwall language settings page.

Feel free to donate your language pack or post your suggestions on the plugin forum.

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