Skadate Ad Blocking Detector – Oxwall Plugin

Display a nice custom warning message with a close button to users with adblock enabled. Works on all browser and every Adblock extension.

Ad Blocking Detector – Oxwall Plugin

Tired of missed opportunities because of pesky ad blocker browser extensions, add-ons, and plugins? Fight back with Oxwall Ad Blocking Detector today!

Ad Blocking Detector – Oxwall Plugin

How it works and multilingual support

Ad Blocking Detector plugins displays a nice custom warning message with a close button on your website. This message is displayed to only visitor blocking your ads.

Firstly, Ad Blocking Detector tries to detect whether any adblock browser extension is enabled. Then it will display a ‘block screen’. The overlay prompts visitors to disable adblock extension, to continue using your website. If enabled, the ‘block screen’ can be closed. Works on all browser and every Adblock extension.

You can see the plugin in action here. We also have the plugin listed on the Oxwall store.

We released build 12.0 recently, which came with multilingual support and an option to deactivate the close button. Now you can easily customize the message your visitors see from the admin language settings.

By default, a ‘block screen’ box with the following message will display on your website if and when adblock is detected:

You are using Adblock, this site is financed with ads. If you want be able to see the content deactivate Adblock or Remove it.

Ad Blocking Detector plugins is fully compatible with both Skadate and Oxwall. Recently, we have also made it compatible across all themes. Including Skadate themes.

Features of Ad Blocking Detector Oxwall Plugin

  • Detects all major ad blocking browser extensions on all major web browsers. Including AdBlock Plus and Ghostery!
  • Compatible with Oxwall and Skadate!
  • Regular feature enhancements and additions!
  • Excellent support from the plugin developer.

Admin Backend Options

Ad Blocking Detector Admin Settings

  • Disable close button: This option will let you choose if you want to display close button or not. If you choose not to display close button, visitors will not be able to access your site until they deactivate adblock extension from their browser.

Coming features

In the nearest future, we are looking to include the following features.

  • Only show the popup overlay once per user session.
  • Sets the amount of time on a page before Ad Blocking Detector displays the ‘block screen’ to users who block ads.
  • Set ‘block screen’ text.
  • Style ‘block screen’ background with an image or color.

This page will be updated when new features are available. Keep your eyes wide open!