Yoom – Oxwall Chatroom Plugin

Yoom is another word for a native Oxwall chat room plugin. A full fledged chatroom plugin with smileys/emoticons, users online and draggable admin component panel.

Yoom - Oxwall Chatroom Plugin

Yoom comes with a public chat room that can be turned off from the admin area. Users will be able to create and manage their own chat rooms as well.

Yoom chatroom plugin is designed with users experiences in mind; featuring Skype-like UI, so that your users can feel comfortable with an interface they are familiar with.

You can see Yoom Chatroom in action on the demo page or purchase the plugin directly from the Oxwall store.


Each chatroom is assigned a category on creation by the creator. Users can browse chatroom by category.

Yoom Chatroom allows your users to invite their friends to their chatroom. Users will receive notifications and be able to see chatrooms they are invited to on the chatroom list page.

Chatroom creators or an admin can delete user from their chatroom and even delete the entire chatroom at will. Other features of Yoom includes:


  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Emoticons/Smileys.
  • Show users online.
  • Website users can join and leave chatroom.
  • Website users can customize chatroom component.
  • Users can follow and unfollow chatroom updates.
  • Chatrooms grouped into categories.


  • In your admin panel, go to Plugins -> Add and click the ‘Add New’ button.
  • Upload your copy of yoom.zip you have purchased from the store.
  • Go to Available Plugins, locate ‘Yoom – Chatroom‘ and click ‘Install‘
  • Navigate to Plugins > Plugins > Yoom – Chatroom > Settings in your admin panel and customize to taste.

Admin Backend Features

Yoom Chatroom plugin uses Oxwall drag and drop template for the chatroom page. Admin will be able to manage and customize the layout of the chatroom page from the admin plugin settings.

  • Add categories.
  • Customize and rearrange chatroom page layout.
  • Add widgets to chatroom page.

Multilingual Support

Yoom – Oxwall Chatroom plugin is compatible with Oxwall localization and can be translated into several languages. This can be done directly from the Oxwall language settings page.

Feel free to donate your language pack or post your suggestions on the plugin forum.

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