Oxwall 1.6 Delay will Continue

As promised, Oxwall has released an update regarding the progress of Oxwall 1.6 and sadly, it isn’t the sweetest news you want to hear.
Over the past few weeks expectation has grown high among oxwall user. Expectation grew even higher when Quo twitted that a news update on oxwall 1.6 will be released this week.
Oxwall has kept to their promise in that regard, however, in a way that will brake the hearth of so many oxwall users.  They announced this morning that Oxwall 1.6 will be further delayed. This time till -God knows when.

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The mobile interface which has been the major feature of this update seems to be one of the fundamental reason behind this delay, as there is need to “employ the services of other developers” to produce more mobile compatible plugins.

From the Oxwall Blog

Earlier we announced to release it in June, then we changed the target to August, now we are doing it again. Yes. Sorry.
We are very aware about armies of users waiting 1.6 with mobile solutions, and we know that expectations are high. This is the exact reason why we are taking more time to develop and polish every detail.
I’ll remind you that we are not just making “mobile versions” of essential plugins — our task is to also provide a basis for mobile plugins by other developers. Oxwall is a platform. Originally, Oxwall 1.0 also took much longer than it would take to just develop its community site features. And inevitably, also longer than we planned.
Oxwall 1.5 received spectacular feedback and community movement. We are aiming at repeating and exceeding this with 1.6. Having said that, I want to assure you that we are not making this mistake of miscommunication again. Target release date will be announced when we are 100% able to meet it, about the time Oxwall 1.6 enters the internal testing stage.
Oxwall has been known for its quality and support beyond what people expect from open source projects of similar size. We will do our best to keep it this way further. It’s your support and feedback that enables us to do so.
Thank you,
Oxwall Foundation team

I hope when this is finally released, it is worth the wait. For now, Oxwall users would have to keep their fingers crossed  and wait patiently for the “long-awaited” update.

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