News About Oxwall 1.6

Oxwall assured it’s users that oxwall 1.6 will be released before the end of August, 2013. It is 26th already and no news has been had about the software update.

Understandable, many users have grown impatient about this situation. However, we are likely to hear some news about the state of oxwall 1.6 this week.

Hello world! Some folks are getting impatient about 1.6, which we understand. Next week there will be an announcement about status quo.
— Oxwall software (@OxwallSoftware) August 22, 2013

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The image above is a tweet posted by @OxwallSoftware on twitter. Note the date (22 August, 2013): Next week should start today.
The big question is this: Do you think Oxwall is rolling out a new update this week? Or they are just going to surprise everyone by announcing a different release month?
Whichever way it turns out, in my opinion, is better to be informed than being kept in the dark. Share and leave your opinions below as we patiently wait for the MOST WANTED update of all time!

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