Foxtech To Break Away From Oxwall To Face Bigger Challanges

A revelation from a close source has revealed that Foxtech, one of the leading Oxwall plugin developers  has finally decided to take a break on Oxwall plugin development to face bigger challenges.

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Jake Brunton -The CEO and Founder of Foxtech have previously declared his intention to break away from Oxwall plugin development and concentrate on the production of RakeZ software -A project that is chiefly overseen by him and Paul Cuffe (A member of the Foxtech Team).
Our close source has revealed that the “RakeZ Software is a social networking source aims at being a software that will let users everywhere power their own unique sites. Each site will look different from the others. That’s what it strives for; uniqueness. 

The idea of RakeZ was first developed in early 2012 by Jake Brunton, and then by April 19th, 2013, the software went under development. The software plans to offer a whole bunch of free, key features called ‘modules’ that work alongside the amazing core of RKZ. It is being designed to give a smooth installation, and then a smooth ride out from there.”
When questioned more on the features of this software, our source who has pleaded anonymity, though reluctantly said that ” RakeZ Software team is taking the part of is picking up where other softwares had left. For example; a mobile site will be available on release for the silver and gold script users. There will be a built in Billing Gateway setup, Financial tracking, and real SEO settings. 

The most distinctive feature RakeZ will offer though, is the Styling Engine. Paul Cuffe, the co-founder, and System/Module Engineer has recently re-developed the entire design system, in hopes to truly let users have their own unique website. Developers (third party or just anyone) can design entire website templates (the HTML pages, Javascript, CSS, and other things like Psd files, swfs, and more) and then by using several simple-to-add variables; can make their customarily designed website work with the RakeZ Core and Modules!

RakeZ is still currently under development, and Jake has estimated that about 33% of the software are completed. There still is a lot more to do, but the team has revealed that they are working fast after noticing the growing amount of people gaining interest in the software. Nirmalya Ghosh, the lead creative director and theme designer, have already begun development on the second free theme for the software. Jake has begun creating the first version of the mobile software for RakeZ, and Paul continues developing the core and other modules. The team has revealed that if all goes well, we could see an expected release date around December of 2013 or January of 2014.

Just yesterday, Oxwall announced that the production of Oxwall 1.6 will be delayed. I would understand if you found this news depressing. What happens to Oxwall user who has purchased the foxtech plugin? Do you think support and update will still be provided for foxtech plugins? Leave your views and comments on this matter in the comment section.

To follow up updates regarding the production of RakeZ, kindly visit the RakeZ Development Blog

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