Auto Change Background Image for all Oxwall Versions

Before I proceed with this tutorial, I would like to apologies to my loyal readers for the late update: I had to pile up a few cool tweaks for you.

The oxwall software is spreading like wild fire, so the need of having a unique look seems to be a hot bargain, but due to lack of too many competent oxwall developers, the available ones seems to capitalize on that defect for huge profits, so making it difficult for oxwall users to have a unique brand.

However, for the past few months, EWT has made sure that our loyal readers remains an exception to that ill factor by providing some of the most unbelievable oxwall custom coding found here, making us the number #1 site delivering sound oxwall tutorials.
Take this for example: Imagine you have a site powered by oxwall software and you have just designed three amazing background images;
they are so beautiful that you want a different image to appear each time a user refreshes your website. You have been pondering on how to achieve this effect when it suddenly pop into your head to make a google search and it landed you here.
Now here is what to do!

Step #1

  • Login to ypur cpanel/ftp
  • Create a new folder “elitesbg” in your public html.
  • Assuming you have created 3 amazing images kindly save them in this format: “1.jpg” “2.jpg” “3.jpg” and copy this images to elitesbg you have created earlier.

Step #2

  • Login to your admin dashbord
  • Goto Settings and click on Main Settings.
  • Click on Page Settings
  • In the custom head code, add the following code:
  • Then copy the following code into custom tail code:

In the above code: variable totalCount is number of backgrounds. The Math.random() method returns a random number between 0 and 1 and the Math.ceil() method rounds a number towards to the nearest integer, and returns the result.

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