Free Pro Floating Feedback/Contact Form for Blogger

 Elites Feedback Form is a customized version of the original blogger contact form. This widget adds a floating contact form that expands on mouse hover and collapse when the mouse is removed. Unlike most feedback form, the Elites FeedBack Form is customized to use only css and html, this means you won’t need to concern yourself with load speed.

What’s more?

The Elites FeedBack Form is free, very easy to install and customize, besides you will be the first blogger to use this awesome gadget.

Why You Need a FeedBack Form
The essence of a contact or feedback form cannot be over emphasized, as I mentioned in my previous post the  dangers of exposing your email address

to the world is more grave than you think and beside you don’t want to stress your loyal readers. Why not keep it easy for them?

I Have Heard Enough: Show me The Installation Process
 That is one of my finest qualities “Sharing”. Below I will take you on a work through on how to install the Elites FeedBack Form. This process will be in three steps for maximum comprehension.

Step #1: Add Default Blogger Contact Form

If you haven’t added the default blogger contact form, follow the steps here to add one. but if you already have the blogger contact form, skip this step.

Step #2: Css Customization & Hiding the Default Blogger Contact Form

  •  Login to your blogger dashboard
  • Goto Templates
  • Search for this (use ctr+f for search):


  • Replace it with the following code: 

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    •  Now save your template and move to step 3.

    Step #3: The Easy Part

     This is the last part and very easy indeed. Simply click “Add to Blogger” to complete your installations.

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