Add Image to Oxwall Main Menu Items

As oxwall continue to grow, more themes and plugins have been introduced, most of this themes and plugins have been kept in such an exorbitant amount making it difficult for the ‘less wealthy’ users to experience this developments, at other times, the limitation of the oxwall payment gateway (paypal) has turned many “wealthy users” to “oxwall mediocre”.  Here in EWT we pay no special respect to the “wealthy”, “less wealthy” or even the “oxwall mediocre” as we tend to solve every user’s problem.

During a friendly chat with an oxwall site owner,

he pointed out the essence of having a descriptive image placed beside each main menu item in his oxwall powered site. “Of course, it goes without saying that descriptive catchy images speak louder than just plain text.” was the answer given to me when I inquired of why he needed the images on the menu item.

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Unfortunately, this good friend of mine have the WILL but lack the WAY, so he asked “How can I place an image on each of the main menu item?”

If you asking the same question, here is a way of achieving that:

  • Login to your admin dashboard
  • Click on Pages & Menus
  • Edit any menu you want to add an image to.
  • Copy the following code and paste it before the menu name:
<img src=”YOUR IMAGE URL HERE”/>
  • Replace YOUR IMAGE URL HERE with your image url e.g:
  • Now save your menu and thank me later.

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