#WINNERTAKESEARTH May be Another Publicity for Samsung

Three matches played across various countries has been attended by some mysterious creatures. Few have claimed that these creatures might be some visitors from our neighboring planet asking for a football match, which we must win, else #WINNERTAKESEARTH… That’s really interesting, especially when it is coming from a football legend like Franz Beckenbeur – Watch video below.

Here is what is really more interesting…

What if I tell you that #WINNERTAKESEARTH is only but a smart campaign for a #Samsung product, would you be surprised? 

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Well, I don’t believe it either. But some fans think otherwise and here is what they have to say on Twitter….
If this is really the case, then Samsung will end up getting themselves some angry fans like  @Ratsinthecity
A Look at the domain name server at which mysteriouscircle.com was registered has confirmed beyond doubt that #Samsung are the proud owners of #WINNERTAKESEARTH . So get on with it. (The screen shot below)
I know some of you will like to believe that this is the sign of end times… So I’m going to ask you this question: Is it? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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