Why I Chose Wintersong…

Last updated on May 5th, 2018 at 02:44 pm

Wintersong is not a very popular name but it is definitely a popular feeling… Below, I have stated why I decided to stick with Wintersong…

Wintersong is the name of a Genesis WordPress theme, designed and currently used by +Brian Gardner in his blog. I personally feel that his intention behind the making of this theme was to use it in his personal blog (Powered by WordPress), but since the result has beating his expectations (or probably, the number of people pushing for this theme became too overwhelming), he decided to let it into the market.

Why I Chose Wintersong…

The Wintersong theme has a very responsive theme layout (adapt to any screen size) and quite a tempting feel for minimalists like myself. So when Brian offered to dish out this theme to anyone who needs it, I was attracted to the offer and would have gone for it, had it not been a WordPress theme.

Who Needs WordPress?

Until I discovered the need to create a personal blog yesterday, I never considered the fact that I can  make a Blogger template similar to that of Brian’s Wintersong WordPress Theme…
As a Brian’s Fans, I respect his work and will give him full credit for the layout and organization of this theme. Yes, yesterday I completed the Blogger version of the Wintersong theme. Check below for screenshot.

The theme is Ultra-Modern, Responsive and Minimal. If you have or intend running a personal blog with clean layouts, Wintersong is for you.
Wintersong Blogger Template is also available for those of you who needs it. Simply follow the rules below to get a copy of the theme.

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