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The Oxwall software generally does not have the feature of searching all website pages. This feature may come in Oxwall 1.6, but we don’t know that just yet.

While we keep our fingers crossed, awaiting the ‘most wanted’ update of all time, I have decided to gather up my lazy bones and find a solution for this all-important feature.

Search Box: What does it mean?


Many Oxwall users have been asking me to make a plugin widget like this for the past few months.

However, if you are asking this question, you are probably new to Oxwall and yet to see this limitation:

Currently, the Oxwall open source software will let you use the search function for some specific pages such as the forum pages (which doesn’t work quite often) and users search pages. Now what happens if a particular user wants to search for some specific videos, blog posts, events, photos or even Newsfeed items?

The answer is Oxwall Site Search Plugin. Site Search is an Oxwall site-wide console search with auto-suggestion and the ability to save user search terms.

Desirable Features of Oxwall Site Search Plugin

The plugin provides users with a quick access to a compact customization site search form on the console area.

Users searches are uniquely stored on the database.Users will be able to see their saved search terms on the search result page.

  • Search results sorted in the order of date.
  • Fuzzy matching: match partial words, if complete words don’t match.
  • Find documents matching either just one search term (OR query) or require all words to appear (AND query).
  • Search newsfeed, blogs, events, videos, photos, etc
  • Multilingual.

As an admin, you can:

  • Choose to use a site icon or a search box.
  • Configure search autofill to show suggestion based on website content or user’s saved terms.
  • Choose from various icon styles.
  • Configure users role authorizations.

The development is pretty much progress, we are currently testing the features on the EWT developers page , it is expected to be available for general use within the next 5 business days.

Why I mine telling you this?

This is my own way of letting those of you who felt that I have totally ignored their messages into my private activities and development and to know that I’m working towards their request with the best of my knowledge and their interest at heart.

Also, if you feel that you need to suggest something to include in our already large marquee of development, feel free to leave me a PM on Oxwall or contact us via EWT contact form.

Meanwhile, take a second to share this with your friends and do not shy away from leaving your thoughts on this on the comment section.


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