How to Hide the Sidebar in Oxwall Custom Pages

Last time I wrote an article on how to hide the menu bar and other website elements on the Oxwall join page. Today, I’m bringing you another tutorial on how you can hide the sidebar on the custom page you created from your admin dashboard.

Initially, I thought of writing this article yesterday, but after consulting the council (my soul and body) I decided it was best I present something of this magnitude on a ‘holy’ Sunday 🙂

By default, all pages in the oxwall cms inherit the layout defined in /ow_themes/YOURTHEME/master_pages/general.html of your oxwall installation path. Most Oxwall themes from the store comes with a sidebar but unfortunately, there is no option to choose where you want to display this sidebar.

 Figure 1.0 Demo Image (Click on this image to enlarge it.)

Using the shortest css code you can ever come across, I’m going to give you a complete walk-through on how you can hide the sidebar on specific pages, at least the ones you created from the admin dashboard (

The Image on the left is a short demonstration of what you are going to achieve after implementing this tutorial.

I don’t want to bore you with long statements or demo links like I have always done 🙂 So I’m going to go directly and show you how you can create a new page with no side bar. Please note that this code can also be implemented to the pages you created in the past and still achieve the same result.

How to Create a New Page on Oxwall Without Sidebar

  • GOTO
  • Click on ADD ITEM
  • Just before/above your actual page contents paste this code:

.ow_sidebar{ display:none !important;}

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  • Save your new page and you are good to go!
To hide the sidebar from the pages you created in the past, simply edit them and post the above code just before/above the actual page contents and save your changes.

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