Oxwall Hosting – Reliable SSD Hosting for SkaDate & Oxwall

Last updated on May 5th, 2018 at 09:25 pm

SSD Skadate & Oxwall Hosting with CDN, Cheap & Reliable

Finding a good Oxwall hosting company could be a real pain in the behind – especially, when the likes of Arvixe, Bluehost & Site5 has been purchased and dragged to the mud by EIG.

Now, if you care so much, Endurance International Group (EIG) who controls over 50 separate web hosting companies – no small name in the web hosting industry – has earned themselves a reputation of purchasing successful hosting companies and making them hell for customers, a simple google search on the name “Endurance International Group (EIG)” will do you a lot of good.

At this early stage of your Skadate dating website or Oxwall social network, your website needs a reliable hosting platform and we are partnering with the best to make that a reality.

If you are looking to put your hosting woes behind you or looking to establish your Oxwall site on a reliable server with good customer support, then a2hosting is the answer.

Skadate & Oxwall Hosting with a2hosting?

My recommendation of a2hosting is first, personal, then professional. From a personal point of view, I wasn’t ready to risk too much financially while looking for a hosting solution and then a2hosting was completely risk-free as they offer full money-back guarantee anytime you wish to leave.

From a professional point of view, I also didn’t want to disappoint my client who has trusted me with the task of finding a perfect hosting platform. Oxwall been very choosy, I was excited to confirm that their server meets the Oxwall & Skadate Server Requirement – with the added benefit of having a free SSD, site accelerator and a good customer support presence.

Having tested both their shared (Turbo) and vps (Power+) plans, I can assure you that a2hosting is the solution to your hosting problems – at least, until they are purchased by EIG.

Oxwall Hosting Server Requirements

If you plan to host your site elsewhere make sure your host meets the following hosting requirements:

  • Linux/Unix/Windows
  • Apache 2 or higher with:
    • mod_rewrite on
    • mod_security (strict configurations) off
  • PHP 5.5 and 5.6 with:
    • cURL on
    • fopen on
    • register_globals off
    • safe_mode off
    • suPHP off
    • suApache off
    • suhosin off
  • PHP modules:
    • PDO
    • DOM
    • mbstring
    • zip
    • zlib
    • ftp
    • json
    • php_openssl
  • MySQL from 5.0 to 5.6
  • GD Library 2 with FreeType support
  • Mail server (SendMail, Exim or other)
  • Cron

Remember you can always contact us for help on installing Oxwall or Skadate on your server at a small fee. Email us on support[at]ewtnet.com.

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