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Today I sat to think about how well Oxwall has improved it’s mobile platform. Then I realized that Oxwall has moved a step further with this three mobile platforms introduced over the past few years.

The Native Oxwall platform

I need not remind you the high hopes we bore for Oxwall 1.6 and it’s mobile integrated platform nor the flop of a software we were presented with in the shape of a mobile platform. Just in case you are not aware, you can disable the mobile platform until Oxwall 1.7 is released.

If you are new to Oxwall, let me quickly brief you on the shortcomings of the native Oxwall mobile platform.

  • No Registration Link: The Oxwall native mobile platform has no link for new users to sign up, although, one of our developer Walison has offered an effective mod to fix mobile registration page in Oxwall 1.6.
  • Missing Pages: Most pages are missing on the Oxwall native mobile platform. In fact, the only pages available in the mobile view are: Dashboard, Newsfeed, Photo & Video. Too average for a social networking site.
I’m not only here to squint the issues associated with the Oxwall native platform, I also want to quickly acquaint you with nice features of this platform. Read more about Oxwall 1.7


The good news about the native Oxwall plugin is that the upcoming release (v.1.7) is specially dedicated to the improvement of the mobile native platform.

Mobile by Aron

The Oxwall mobile by aron has been a fantastic revelation for most Oxwall users. Probably because it was the very first mobile plugin.

However, the developers of this plugin has unfortunately created a reputation for themselves as most customers are often found complaining of lack of support provided by this developer. Also, their older versions UI seems to be very static and redundant, hence, reducing users experience in mobile.

Even in the midst of so many negativity surrounding this plugin, the positive side of it makes it worth trying: The Oxwall Mobile Plugin by Aron is still the most complete Oxwall mobile plugin out there, with a lot of improvement in their recent versions, your $25 might not be a “waste” after all.

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  • Newsfeed
  • Photos 
  • Forum
  • Store
  • Blogs
  • Shoutbox
Link: http://www.oxwall.org/store/item/326

Oxwall Mobile Messenger

Not sure if this is a mod or plugin but whichever one it is, it does what the developers said it does. The plugin was found on one of the Oxwall forum topics where the developer for some reasons chose to market it.

It’s quite new, unproven and no convincing remark has been made about it but everyone deserves a chance, right? We happened to get in touch with the developer and obtain a copy we test ran on our Oxwall 1.6 installation. The UI looks cool, however, we noticed some bugs on the newsfeed and profile setting pages.

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  • A slider menu
  • Newsfeed (Some minor bugs)
  • Photo
  • Forum
  • Blogs
  • Chat
  • Installable mobile applications
  • Profile settings  (Some minor bugs)
  • Interesting interface

Link: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/20476

Although all these mobile platforms might have their short comings but I believe with time, improvement will catch up with them, especially with the confirmation of Oxwall 1.7 release date. Feel free to try out the plugins and share your views below.

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