Confirmed: There will be no Oxwall 1.6. 1 Update

Last updated on May 6th, 2018 at 09:22 am

Contrary to the report at the tail end of February 2014, there will be no Oxwall 1.6.1 update. Now, if this prompts a cold breeze to your elbow, the reason is because there will be a 7.1 release instead.

In exactly seven months from the release of 1.6, Oxwall is rolling out a brand new version, Oxwall 1.7

For those of you who are still wondering why Oxwall has to skip version 1.6.1 and the whole of 6.1 series. Here is your answer: Firstly, let me enlighten you a bit on how platform  updates works.

The Oxwall open source software follows a serial order in their platform updates. The version giving to this updates is determine by the intensity of the changes done to the core functions of the platform. That is to say that if a minor change such as improving the mobile structure of the platform is made, we are likely to see a more serial numbering in the version tag (e.g. Oxwall 6.1.1, Oxwall  6.1.2 in that order). This kind of updates are know as minor updates.

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However, in a situation where a function or a group of functions are completely revamped like in the case of Oxwall 1.7, a minor version advance update is carried out and you likely to see the numbering in this manner: 1.4, .1.5, 1.6, etc. Same rule is applicable to the addition of a new function to the platform, like we saw in Oxwall 1.6 (mobile platform).

What is new in Oxwall 1.7

Like I mentioned before, the entire traditional or in most cases, archaic structure of Oxwall is being revamped.

“Finally, we have definite release date for the next version. Oxwall 1.7 will be out on July 8, with developer beta available today.” Emil wrote on Oxwall official blog.

“As you know, we first planned to have 1.6.1 release with a lot of improvements and fixes. However, a few distinct platform changes creeped in, so this release is shaping up more important than just a new build, and we call it minor version advance, namely Oxwall 1.7.”

Developers Changes
For developers, designers, and admins, certain changes has been made to the platform structure, apart from some updated plugins. We have listed a few of them below. For a list of all changes see complete changelog.

  • New option to assign specific user roles for each account type;
  • New option to assign separate list of profile questions for each account type;
  • Modified user permission check (developers, you need to adapt your plugins!);
  • Attachments for all media (messages, forums, comments, etc) are redesigned (designers, you may need to adapt your themes!);
  • Comment box redesigned (designers, you may need to adapt your themes!);

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For a regular Oxwall user, improvement has been made to the following core plugins:

Photo Plugin

From the 8th of June, the photo plugin layout will be upgraded to something modern -similar to that of Facebook.

Among the most notable features are:

  • New advanced bulk photo upload;
  • New photo list view;
  • New photo album view;
  • Optimized photo preview (info and comments in sidebar);
  • Search by keywords, users, hashtags;
  • Full-screen slideshow;
  • Photos posted to newsfeed are now collected in a photo album.

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Mailbox + Chat = Messages: complete redesign + mobile version support

The new Messages plugin comes to replace the two old plugins: Instant Messenger and Mailbox. When you install the new plugin, it will migrate the data from the Mailbox and deactivate it automatically.
What’s in it?

  • Chat only mode, mail only mode, or both;
  • Additional on-page interface for chat with saved history;
  • Now possible to send a message from mailbox to any recipient;
  • Revamped attachments for both chat and mail;
  • Inline images and video in chat;
  • Chat and mail is now also in Oxwall mobile browser version.

In an interview on Tuesday, John Obinna who has supposedly been on the Oxwall platform since the start of Oxwall foundation in 2011, told EwtNet that Oxwall are playing catch up to Social Engine & PhpFox but commended the rate at which they are going.

“I think they are good, it is one of the best social networking platform around.

“Other social networks like PhpFox and Social Engine are ahead but at this rate, Oxwall can overtake anyone”

Developer beta
It’s available for download now. If you signed up for beta testing, you will be able to obtain it from the private beta release forum. Check it out.

If you are a developer or a designer but haven’t signed up for it yet, you are recommended to do that right away. There’s a high chance that you need to update your work to make it compatible with Oxwall 1.7. Developer’s guide to the platform changes is packed with the beta.

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