New! Simple Contact Form Widget for Blogger

Blogger is on point again, this time with a simple and cute looking contact form to add on your blog sidebar. If you are already used to writing/publishing your email address on your blog, you will agree with that one time or the other you might have received an e-mail from a “Prince in Nigeria” or “Beautiful damsel in a Senegal Refugee Camp”, don’t be too surprise if you are a victim of such mail, that is what you profit when you exposed your email address carelessly.

Why You Need A Contact Form
  1. Convenience to the customers — they can type message straight away without the need to use their email program/web-based email. Very useful when customer is accessing the site from some random location (someone’s PC, public place) and does not want others to see his emails (in case if he uses web-based emails) … or simply does not have his PC with him.
  2. SPAM? Yes, but not that much — there are quite a few good ways to stop more than average spam bots from picking up email addresses (usually requires JavaScript).
    It’s time you get rid of spammers and e-mail phishing wares that automatically scan the web for email addresses and send you junk.
  3. If a company is a bit “dodgy” (eg. selling “grey import” software — software that is meant to be sold in USA but they sell in in UK) they may simply do not want customers to contact them directly (their email could be just [email protected] .. which does not give much confidence to a customer these days if buying from online shops).
    4. Appearance – A contact form simply looks more professional than slapping your email address on a page.  You want your website to look as nice as possible, right?

    What’s more? make contacting you even more easier and make your site convenient for your readers.

Installing the Cute Blogger Contact Form
 In a few simple clicks we will be able  to setup your contact form in your blogger blog… viz.

  • Login to your Blogger Dashboard
  • Click on Layout
  • Click on Add Gadget

  •  Click on More Gadget
  • Scroll down to Contact Form

 Your contact form is now ready and viz….

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