Features of the New Oxwall Mobile Platform

Last month oxwall announced their intention to skip oxwall 1.5.4 update in favor of oxwall 1.6 platform update that will chiefly feature the long awited Mobile interface built for smartphone resolution and capabilities.

Will there be a beta version? Oxwall 1.6 is likely not to come without a forerunner, as Emil clearly stated in a user comment “Of course, 1.6 beta will be available prior to the general release. We’ll announce it later.”. The beta version is expected to come with a lots of bugs and to be tested by oxwall plugins developers and theme developers.

A Screenshot of the Mobile Interface

A man who is a master of patience is master of everything else.

-George Savile 
 Just like every other visible thing regarding the oxwall 1.6, we have to wait just a little bit longer.
                         Top 5 Features of the Official Oxwall Mobile Interface                         
With the oxwall mobile platform expected to be launched within the month of June, 2013 we will take a look at the top five features of the oxwall most wanted commodity.
1. Separate URL for mobile.
The mobile platform is most likely to use a different sub-domain name for your mobile. i.e mobile users will be redirected to something like http://yours

ite.com/mobile and a link to the full site placed on the footer. Your blog posts will bear something similar to this http://domain.com/mobile/blogs/view/122 when accessed from a mobile device.

URLs will be different. When a regular URL is accessed from a mobile phone, there will be a redirect to the mobile version. Also, there will be a link to full site version.
-Emil, Oxwall team
2. Fully Customizable Dashboard and Profile Layout.
The new oxwall mobile platform is expected to have a flexible and customizable dashboard and profile layout. i.e users can customize their dashboard and profile layout, of course, admins can as well customize the main page while using the mobile web.
 Emil plainly answered “yes” to a question regarding that.
3. Photo Plugin.
Uploading photos via mobile has been a serious issue in the past for oxwall users, the introduction of 1.6 will ensure that it only remain in the past. 

When asked of the possibility of uploading photos using Iphones & Ipads devices, here is Emil’s reply 

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 “The mobile browser version is being developed with phones in mind. iPad (with iOS6) should support photo upload just fine when using simple (HTML) uploader interface.”
4. Flexible Mobile Theme.
Unlike what we thought earlier, there wouldn’t be a separate mobile theme on 1.6 but rather a mobile css will be integrated with the natural oxwall themes, however, we will be giving detailed instructions on how adding mobile support to any theme.
Emil was quick to express that “Mobile support can be added to any theme. We will update some native themes to contain mobile CSS styles.” when asked if there will be a special theme which includes the mobile version.
5. Automatic Upadate.
Like every other plugin the mobile plugin will be automatically updated from the adim dashboard. (i.e Admin=> Plungins=> Installed=> Update).
The oxwall 1.6 is set to be released within the month of June, 2013 with the exact date to be announced later.

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