New Mobile Theme, License Key Check, What have changed in Oxwall 1.8.1?

Last updated on May 5th, 2018 at 09:29 pm

Oxwall 1.8.1 is here, but whether a platform update [on your side] is inevitable or not is your decision to make.

If you are a constant visitor of EwtNet I assume you are no stranger to modifying Oxwall core files, which I’m sure you are very aware that updating your platform will mean losing those changes and redoing it again. Is it worth it? Let’s take a look at some of the notable changes on 1.8.1.

Oxwall Simplicity Goes Mobile

oxwall simplicity mobile1

The Simplicity Theme came with 1.8.0 release, but until now the only theme available for mobile version is the Origin Theme. Oxwall has taken one step further and introduced a new theme [Simplicity] for mobile.

However, the mobile theme doesn’t necessary require a platform update to activate. Updating to the latest version of Simplicity Theme will automatically be made available on Mobile.

Unlimited Options for Single Selection Field

The limited number of options [31] that a user can add on the single selection field was a real pain in the ass, but finally, it’s a win for Oxwall users who has been pushing for the options to be made unlimited.

Oxwall has added new field type for fselect single choice, which allows to add unlimited number of values.

Enable & Disable Captcha From Admin Panel

Remember the mod we made on how to remove standard captcha from Oxwall join page? Today, that mod is no longer needed. You can now disable or enable captcha on the join form right from your admin panel.

oxwall captcha

Go to and uncheck the ‘Enable on Join Form’ check box to disable captcha on join form.

Licence Check for Store Items

A lot of plugin & theme developers will be smiling [mostly, to the bank] about this latest version. If your website idea is based on a plugin you do not have licence to, it will be a good idea not to update to 1.8.1.

On update, the platform will automatically check your website and deactivate unlicenced plugin and themes. Also, on installation [plugins & themes], you will be asked to enter a license key.

Your decision….

I’m going to stop here and take a cup of coffee, meanwhile, you can check out a complete a changelog of 1.8.1 and further advice yourself whether a platform update is truly inevitable.

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