Merry Xmas to you…and more!

Last updated on May 4th, 2018 at 01:41 am

This year has been quite eventful, arguably the most eventful year of my life. A lot of good has happened and some bad too, but I prefer to see the bads as a much needed contrivance to burgeon and distend my abilities. Because in this life, there is no limit to one’s ability and sometimes, only bad times can let you see that.

That being said, I want to take this time out to extend my ardent & most unfeigned gratitude to some people who has contributed to the events of this year – well, the ones worth remembering.

First of all, my appreciation goes to my family – to my Mom, Miracle, Emmanuel, my one and only sister and my biggest bro. I have learnt a whole lot from you guys and I treasure the support you’ve always provided me with. I am indeed blessed knowing I can always rely on you – that, I’m proud of.

Exactly this time last year, someone told me “All you need is a blind faith” and indeed Chidiebere, all I needed was a blind faith to see beyond my then physical limitation. I thank you for being a brother and more than a friend since we first met in 2006. I can only wish you more success and pray that God should continue to inspire you for the greater good.

For a while now, I’ve always reminded myself that “thinkers rule the world” and thanks to Idaerefagha I saw a different side of this sentence both in his actions and his words and has since adapted to this pattern of life for resolving issue.

Let me quickly remind you, if you are reading up to this point then you are in for a bumpy ride; this will be a very long list as I cannot leave out the likes of Inengisa who has always been there for me at all times. How can I forget the days & nights we spend in front of computers putting pieces of codes together, countless all night browsing in every cafe in Bonny & Finima, the day of our voters card registration? Dude, that happened like magic!!! lolz and it’s all thanks to you.

To Marieta, I want to say thanks for being my boss, friend and an angel. You’ve always been a source of inspiration and I cannot thank you enough.

First stranger in a strange world. For me that was David and has ever since been a great friend and a brother in this crazy part of the world. So thanks man for all the nice dishes wey you dey tidy, for letting me eat real quality food while you eat irons. It’s a pity though, to see all those fats replaced with iron wink emoticon

I want to also thank Prince for a wonderful year well spent. With him, Princewill and Bobyjones we founded an idea that will bring hope to every youth/student out there. I can tell you that it’s not a coincidence that we met, although the zeal may be complesant, an idea can never be defeated.

Then to my #Bobonian crew, I say much love heart emoticon Nnamdi as the able presido, SaRkomzie as the #BEC chairman, McCathy as the don himself, Bobyjones as the emperor and my humble self #DE_G who has served as the IT specialist and original programmer of the Bobonian currency for this awesome group. Not neglecting the likes of Princewill, Walter, Joshua, Bobyjones, Fabio, Prince, Helen, Prisca, Wisdom, Esther, Kingsley, Elma, Ayo, Davidson, etc who has contributed immensely to this group. Together we have installed two governments, founded three ideas including #Young_Initiatives, Campus LIFE_gh and UniXclusive, party, study and live through life together. What can I say? The future is even brighter!

Also, I want to say thanks to: all my lecturers for their devotion, relatives – well, for being my relatives wherever they are, to all the taxi and tro-tro divers who has transported me to divers locations, my Facebook friends – my timeline would have been empty without you, esp Chizurum and Chidera for being there when my timeline needed you most smile emoticon – , the guy who gave me a nice haircut when I first arrived GH, my cousin Elizabeth for ignoring me for as long as I can remember… and above all to the almighty God for being God.

The jamboree is not over. This list can go on and on but if you are out there and has contributed one way or the other, directly or indirectly to make me sad or happy, I want to say a very big thankyou to you. This year would have been nothing without you. Above all, I wish you a blessed Xmas, prosperous 2016 in advance and much more in Jesus name!

Amen! [Source: Facebook]

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This year has been quite eventful, arguably the most eventful year of my life. A lot of good has happened and some bad…
Posted by Ebenezer Obasi on Friday, December 25, 2015

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