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Google continues deactivation of adsense account and very negligible cpc (cost per click) of many ad networks such as bidvertiser, adstract etc have left many website owners with a few option to reckon with. Many websites owners consider it more safer to stick with only google adsense even if they get disapproved over and over again,  reason being that “google pays more and very reliable” others are just scared of implementing another ad on their website, in fear of getting disapproved by google.

Today, I’m going to introduce you to a site that is as equally reliable as google adsense and pays pretty well too, infolinks provides you with unobtrusive in-text ad (Very compatible with Google Adsense), in-search ad, in-tag ad and in-frame ad that is often contextual (i.e they serve you ad related to your website contents).

Why Infolinks?

Most people will wrongly consider infolinks as just  an alternative of google adsense but while it remains a perfect and worthy of that accolade, I will also like to emphasis that is a lot more useful than that.
Secret of Earning with Infolinks
Unlike many other ad networks, infolinks is completely compatible with google adsense and earning is a lot more easier with infolinks. The ad type are just perfect and requires lesser space than most ad network.

Infolinks Ad Types

Unlike many other ad networks infolinks specialize mainly on serving contextual text ads. We shall take a look at the 4 main ad types served by infolinks.

  1. InText Ad:  InText Ads are very easy to use and doesn’t require you to crack your head on where to place your ad. The InText Ad simply highlight keyword (maximum: 12 per page) in your website and pop-up a small a ad box when you mouseover on a highlighted keyword. Infolinks allows you to customize the behavior of this ad, such as changing the numbers of keywords to highlight per page and changing the color of the highlighted keyword, this could be done from your dashboard.
  2. InSearch Ad: This ad infuse a search box at the bottom of your site and delivers relevant ad. Using the insearch ad will guarantee you CTR rate of 4% from InSearch alone. Please note that the search box isn’t just a search box, is more like an ad banner of about 50px(height), the width is responsive and it expands on mouse hover.
  3. InTag Ad: InTag Ad is just the ideal ad I will recommend for publishers who wishes to have a custom ad placement (that is place thier ad code on a custom position) they can do so by adding the following code: <input type=”hidden” name=”IL_IN_TAG” value=”1“/>.

    (Change 1  to2  if you want display your add on 2 lines.) to the place where you want the ad to appear. The InTag ad is responsive (i.e it takes up the dimension of the location it is placed) and doesn’t require much space to fuction properly. Please remember that you need to choose manual when applying the InTag ad, if you want to use a custom placement.

    1. InFrame Ad: The InFrame Ad infuse text banners on your website margins (both left & right) base on your site category. This banners can be customize through your dashboard and have a default width of 120px on each side. The height is responsive.

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    Getting Started with Infolinks

      To create your free infolinks account, proceed to and click on register.

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