Making Your Custom Domain Name Work In Blogger

Would you like to rediect “” to “”?
Are you hosting your blog in blogger and wish to use a custom domain?  
Have you purchased a domain from a website or hosting provider and would like to point this to your blog hosted at free (Google’s blogging platform)?
Just in case you didn’t notice now redirects you to How did we do this?
You might have seen this kind of blog elsewhere and wondering “why the hell is this blog written here?”, I’m going to answer you that question right away but with another question: Does properly redirect you to If yes, you have no need reading this tutorial but if you recived a 404 error page then you need an answer.

Redirect Naked Domain (Non WWW) to www in Blogger

The Problem?
wondering why works but not You host your blog at and wish to use “”. You already have purchased your favourite domain name from a domain name provider.
In, you have setup your custom domain in Settings => Publishing => Advanced Settings. You have included your domain name as “” and setup your DNS record for your domain. It works good when visitors attempt to access “”.
The issue starts when your visitor types in “” without the www prefix. It does not show your blog!
  • Goto Settings => Publishing
  • From the publishing group => click edit
  •  Tick this checkbox: “Redirect to”
  • Now click save and check
If you desire to see how this works before you implement the answer, I purchased our new new domain name from godaddy and was fraustrated for a while when I dicovered that my site wasn’t redirectly properly… but now, it is.
Check it out – without the www, ofcourse 🙂 See the redirection work and take you to

Still Not Working?
You tick the checkbox in the Advanced Settings: “Redirect to”. 
You save it with anticipation of overcoming the issue, but you profit an error. Don’t panic, we have an answer!
The Simple Solution!
Learn by example: Assuming you purchased the domain from
You have already configured the DNS records in so I believe you are familiar with the basic tabs and menus once you login to your GoDaddy account. Now the only objective you have is to do a configuration which would permit visitors to be redirected to “” when they access “”
  • From Hosting menu choose “My Hosting Account”.
  • Click “Manage Account” corresponding to the domain you would like to redirect.
  • Go to “Content” and click on the icon “Site Redirects”
  • Click to create a New Redirect
  • In the popup and “From” portion type the Domain:; Path: depart this blank; Redirect: choose “Only without” www. prefix (Note: This domain must be associated to your hosting account in order to do this)
  • Press Next and in the “To” tab, select http and type the Domain:; path: depart this blank. Click Next
  • In the Extras tab: Type: pick Permanent 301; Content redirect options: Choose No redirect.
  • Ok and you are done!
In the browser type “” and you would be redirected to “”
Note: If you have purchased the domain from any hosting provider you should see a similar option to configure the redirection. If there is no option, you could use the redirect solution mentioned under where .htaccess file needs to be updated: In the home folder of /public_html there exist a file named .htaccess. If it doesn’t exist we can crate it from create new file option.
In certain file browsers like cpanel we need to highlight the show hidden files option. Then only we can see the .htaccess file.
Then add the following line of codes to that file.

RewriteEngine OnRewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^yourdomain.comRewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]

If you can add the file or can’t see the file,
Then create a text file and put this code in that file and finally upload the file to the server. then rename it to .htaccess.

Redirect Solution for any Linux hosting

You can apply this solution to any Apache webserver
Locate the .htaccess file in your websites root directory. You can access the website root and the file through any file explorer in cpanel provided by your hosting provider or through a ftp tool, like filezilla.
If there is no .htaccess file then create one or rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess
In the file add the following lines:

Options +FollowSymlinks
RewriteEngine upon
rewritecond %{http_host} ^ [nc]
rewriterule ^(.*)$$1 [r=301,nc]

Remember to withhold the file.
Thats it! The redirection would work now.

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