How to Make an Oxwall Profile, Index or Dashboard Plugin Widget Appear in Other Pages

This tutorial will enable you to display certain plugin widget which is only available for either your index page or users profile page or both e.g. Photos (Widget is available only on index page), Photo Album (Widget is available only on users profile) on user dashboard.
User Dashboard
Just recently I installed the relationship plugin in my oxwall site and I needed to display this widget on the dashboard (since my dashboard is my homepage) so users could make new relation right from their dashboard, but when I visited my dashboard settings I discovered that the plugin wasn’t listed there. How did I get the plugin to appear on the dashboard? Lets find out.
Advance Settings
In this section you need to pay attention to all the instructions as it is given, if you are a newbie make sure to follow the steps and ask questions as any mistake might stop your plugin from functioning properly.
Note: It is important that you backup the file you are customizing. | The photo plugin will be used for illustration.
Step 1:

  • Login to your cpanel/ftp client
  • Goto /ow_plugins
  • Open the plugin folder e.g. Open the photo folder. (User ctr+f to search for a plugin folder)
  • Download activate.php for backup.
  • Open/Edit activate.php
  • Search for PLACE_INDEX or PLACE_PROFILE (User ctr+f for search)
This step is a bit tricky but I will try and keep it simple. Before we proceed I will like to let you know that most plugin widget for index page differ from that of user profile, so you should be mindful of what you really want to showcase on users dashboard e.g. the photo plugin displays photo list in index and photo album in users profile.

Using Index Plugin Widget:
Simply copy and paste the entire PLACE_INDEX Group and replace PLACE_INDEX with PLACE_DASHBOARD.

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Duplicate this content and replace PLACE_INDEX with PLACE_DASHBOARD
Using User Profile Widget:
Simply copy and paste the entire PLACE_PROFILE Group and replace PLACE_PROFILE with PLACE_DASHBOARD.
Duplicate this content and replace PLACE_PROFI with PLACE_DASHBOARD
Exameple (Using Photo Plugin):
Before Editing
After Editing
Final Step:
This is the last and stress-free step. Login to your admin panel and follow the next quick step.
  • Deactivate your plugin e.g. deactivate photo plugin
  • Activate your plugin.
  • Visit your dashboard settings.

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