Increase the Number of Videos Per Line on Oxwall Video List Page

By default, the Oxwall video plugin display 5 videos on each line when you visit the video page (yoursite/video). Most themes when installed, will leave a white space at the end of every line, others simply shred your videos to look pathetic.

5 Videos are displayed on each line by default.

Unfortunately, this default settings cannot be changed anywhere from the admin dashboard. The settings in is limited to setting up your video display screen size and numbers of videos to show per page.

Here, I’m going to show you how I increased the number of video on each line on the video list page of my Oxwall powered site at least to display 6 videos on each line. Take a look at it.

Doing the Awesome!

  • Login to your cPanel account.
  • Browse to the directory /ow_plugins/video/views/controllers in your oxwall installation path.
  • Open video_view_list.html file in the Edit mode.
  • Find the following constant:

{component class=’VIDEO_CMP_VideoList’ type=$listType count=5}

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  • and replace it with:

{component class=’VIDEO_CMP_VideoList’ type=$listType count=6}

  • Replace 6 with the number of videos you want to display on each line of your video list page.
  • Save you changes.
Note: You need to clear your cache for your changes to come live.

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