How to Make ‘Other user videos’ Scrollable in Oxwall

When you visit a video page (, normally, you will find a widget on the right that is labeled ‘Other user videos’ . This widget displays three videos recently uploaded by the user whose video you are watching.

To find out how to increase the number of video on each line of the #Oxwall video list page, kindly follow the steps on this tutorial.

The Seceret!

If you are just a user, this feature will mean nothing more to you than a shortcut to view videos uploaded by a particular user. But to a webmaster/site owner, this widget can serve as a means to reduce bounce rate and also extend the time users spend on your website.

The Idea…

As I have mentioned earlier, this widget by default shows off  only 3 videos of the user. Is that really enough? For me it was not enough and I believe so many of you can’t just wait to increase that number to something reasonable.

Increasing the number: We shall do 🙂 But first of all, I would like to hint at the kind of appearance to expect after increasing this number to something like 50 (maybe): #Pathetic is the word that describes it best.

Now in order not to create a world record of the most pathetic webpage in history, I will guide you on how to increase the number of  videos on ‘Other user videos’ without changing the look of the page.

You might want to check out the demo page to have a live preview of how this works if you haven’t done that already.

Increasing the Number of Videos on Oxwall ‘Other user videos’  Widget

  • Login to your cPanel account.
  • Browse to the directory /ow_plugins/video/views/controllers in your oxwall installation path.
  • Open video_view.html file in the Edit mode.
  • Find the following component:

{component class=’VIDEO_CMP_OtherVideoList’ exclude=$clip->id itemsNum=3}

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  • and replace it with

{component class=’VIDEO_CMP_OtherVideoList’ exclude=$clip->id itemsNum=10}

  • 10 can be changed to any number (to 50 even) depending on the number of videos you want to display on ‘Other user videos’.

Initializing the Awesome!

Saving the above changes will increase the number of  ‘Other user videos’ to 10. And believe me, it will change the entire look your site.
Now to have something cute and sleek, you need to limit the height of the container and add a scroll bar to the container.

Adding Scroll bar…

In stead of
{component class=’VIDEO_CMP_OtherVideoList’ exclude=$clip->id itemsNum=10}above use:
<div style=’height:300px; overflow:scroll;’>
      {component class=’VIDEO_CMP_OtherVideoList’ exclude=$clip->id itemsNum=10}</div>
in place of {component class=’VIDEO_CMP_OtherVideoList’ exclude=$clip->id itemsNum=3} in the 4th step above.
  • Save your changes.
Note: Always remeber to clear your cache each time you edit something from the cpanel, otherwise, your changes won’t come live.

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