How to Use Nrelate Related Content Widget on Blogger (Part 2)

Customizing your Nrelate Related Content Widget.

Earlier, we wrote about how to install the Nrelate Widget on Blogger, in this part, we shall deliberate on how you can customize your Nrelate Widget.

The Nrelate widget allows you to customize the way your related contents are being rendered. You can customize features such as:
 – Thumbnails: You can choose whether to display your related contents as thumbnails or texts. This feature also allows you to re-size the thumbnail of each related content.
 – Default Image: In a case where no image is found for a particular post, Nrelate automatically pick a random thumbnail image from their database for the post. This feature allows you to set a custom default thumbnail image for your related contents (only visible when no image is available for the blog post).
 – Styles: Nrelate allows you to change the style of your widget. You have six styles to choose from, namely:

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#1 Default

This style, as the name implies, is the default style for Nrelate widget. Was developed  as a simple way to place nrelate content on any site. 
With cute borders and hover effects combined with genuine simplicity, so that the focus of your readers remains on your site’s content.


This style is based upon the custom version developed at Trendland is an online magazine that redefines trend forecasting through a rich visual journey.
Some of the outstanding features of this style include: Mouse-over effects, Border, Left aligned text, Text over the thumbnail, Semi-transparent text background.


This style is a borderless-centered style based upon the custom version developed at
Bloginity is a young, vibrant online magazine, fashion blog, and source of culture entertainment news.
Without being said (but I’m saying it), this style differs from its predecessors; lacking features such as borders and hover effects. However, the nature at which the text is centralized makes it even more unique. 

#4 LinkWithin

This style is based upon the related thumbnail widget from LinkWithin is a blog widget that appears under each post.
For huge fans of LinkWithin, this style maintains all the features from LinkWithin related content widget. Leaving all your text contents in uppercase, simulating hover effects and stylized thumbnail dividing line.

#5 ToonBarn

This style is based upon the custom version developed at The ToonBarn is the ultimate hangout for cartoon fans.
Note: This style is Best with Thumbnail size of 100px or more. Some of the features of this style include: Hover effects, Border, Left aligned text, Text over the thumbnail, Semi-transparent text background.

#6 Polaroid

Polaroid is a style inspired by an article at This style turns your images into Polaroid pictures rotated randomly in a systematic manner.
Note: This style may not work properly in older version of Internet Explorer, but works perfectly on every modern browser.
 – Widget Title: This feature allows you to change the title of your related content box. The default is “Also Read:
 – Maximum number of related posts to display: You can choose the maximum number of posts you want to display on your related content box. The maximum is 10 and the default is 3.
Other options may include: Maximum number of characters for the title, Show post excerpt, Maximum number of words in the post excerpt, etc.

How to Customize your Nrelate Widget

To customize your widget, kindly login to your Nrelate account => Click on Settings from the menu items => Under your blog name, click settings. Or click this link and click on settings just below your blog name.
To see how you can become an Nrelate publisher and earn money click here.

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