Embrace your Cool Oxwall 1.6 Beta

After the delay back in August, Oxwall has given its users something to hold on to: On the 17th of May, 2013, Oxwall announced its intention to favor Oxwall 1.6 (an update that will chiefly feature a mobile platform) over Oxwall 1.5.4 (a more serial update). This was a welcome development but the heart of so many users were shattered when the expected release date (June) was overruled.

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However, the latest blog post by Emil in the official Oxwall blog is set to bring hope to those shattered hearts. “Oxwall community is a patient bunch; That’s a hard fact, which we really appreciate, and have something to show you in return. Oxwall 1.6 has finally taken shape for a beta release, and I’m glad to give you a sneak peek of what our team has built.”
Emil wrote.
Emil was quick to add that “Oxwall is now mobile-friendly. Yay! First of all, this is neither a responsive theme, nor a hack to “mobilize” content. This is a completely imagined product for phone screens (that’s one of the main reasons why it took so long to develop it), and it’s optimized for performance in major mobile browsers available today:
In this roll-out we are starting with basic features and several native plugins that show the direction for what Oxwall mobile browsing experience is going to be. We can’t wait to hand it over to the community. You can also expect other native and third party plugins to have their mobile executions ready soon.”

What is New?

The introduction of a mobile platform in Oxwall 1.6 seems to have overshadowed other important features. The Oxwall 1.6 beta has assured users of the Oxwall community software a feature-loaded update come January 8, 2014. Some of these features will include:

Social Share Plugin

This feature adds a social media sharing buttons below your website contents. Your users can now share a link, photo, blog post or forum topic on Facebook without going to Facebook.com.
This plugin can be disabled from the admin panel if you wish to discontinue using its features.


Strictly following the footsteps of predecessors, Oxwall 1.6 has its own unique brand in a figure of an exclusive theme: The München Oxwall theme, according to Emil is a “shoutout to the fine town of München”.
Outside the elegant layout of this theme, do not expect any wonders; as it is pretty much the same concept: Console menu aligned to top-right, with traditional header image and navigation menus.

Theme Auto-update

As a way to make life easier for its users, Oxwall 1.6 allows you to update your theme directly from your theme dashboard in your admin panel.

Other Updates

You mean outside the mobile platform? Click here to check out other features of Oxwall 1.6.

Try Out Oxwall 1.6

We are quite past the speculation stage: A beta version has already been released on the 29th of November, the full version is expected to be released to the community on the 8th of January, 2014. However, plugin developers, theme designers, and language translators can  apply for beta-tester status in order to start making compatible goods for Oxwall 1.6.
On January 8, upon the completion of the public beta period, the upgrade will be available for all the Oxwall websites out there, as always, right from the admin area.

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