How to Install an Oxwall Plugin – Step by Step for Beginners

Learn how to install plugins on your Oxwall and Skadate website

Plugins are utilities which provide additional functionality to your Oxwall/Skadate application. To install a plugin you just need to put the plugin files into the ow_plugins directory and run the installation process from the admin > Plugins > Available Plugins page. Once a plugin is installed, you may activate it or deactivate it from the Plugins menu in your OW admin panel.

Install Oxwall Plugin From Admin Area

In Oxwall 1.4 and above you can install plugins directly from the admin area. Download the plugin to your computer, then log in to your OW admin area and go to Plugins > Add New.

You will see a screen like the one in the screenshot below.

Browse to the plugin archive and select the plugin you want to install.

Then click Upload and the plugin will be uploaded directly to your ow_plugin directly if FTP access has been set. If FTP access has not been set, you will be prompted to enter your FTP details.

Enter your FTP attributes and click Enter. Your plugin will be uploaded shortly and you will be redirected to Admin > Plugins > Available Plugins. Hover on your just uploaded plugin and click install.

How to Uninstall Oxwall Plugin

Uninstalling Oxwall or Skadate plugin is pretty straightforward in most cases. Simply go to Plugins, hover on the plugin you would like to uninstall and and click ‘Uninstall‘. It will be automatically uninstalled. You can go back to Admin > Plugins > Available Plugins to delete the plugin completely.

Still always bear in mind that not all plugins are easy to install, so always refer to their documentation and installation instructions first.

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