Change Blogger Link Structure to any WordPress Permalink Structure without Losing Link Juice

How to maintain your Blogger posts link juice after migrating to hosted Wordpress and changed your permalink structure.

Change Blogger Link Structure to any WordPress Permalink Structure without Losing Link Juice

A permalink is the part of a web address that follows the domain name. For example, take a look at the URL for this blog post: The domain name is, and the permalink is changing-blogger-link-wordpress-permalink.

Migrating from Blogger to hosted WP sometimes can be a bit of a liability. As a pro blogger, you want to maintain all your search engine traffic and link backs you have gotten over the years.

Permalinks, when maintained correctly, serve several important purposes. For example:

  • They allow your regular readers to get a hang of your new website without much digging.
  • Search engine will maintain or update your index on their database.
  • Avoid broken links pointing to your website.

Changing your WordPress Permalink Structure

The easiest way to do this is to maintain the link structure you had while on by simply navigating to Settings > Permalinks on your WP admin panel. By default, WordPress permalinks use the Day and name option. To match the link structures exactly on your Blogger site, you should use the Month and name option.

However, it’s often best to use the Post name option. This structure makes the focus of your post clear to both readers and search engines. If you wish to use this option and still retain all your link juice, you will need to do a 301 redirect.

Set 301 Redirects

Skip this part if you used the Month and post name option. Otherwise:

  1. Open your FTP/cPanel and navigate to your WP installation path.
  2. Edit .htaccess file and add the following code.
RewriteRule ^([0-9]{4})/([0-9]{1,2})/(.*).html$ $3 [L,R=301]

Basically what the above code does is to try to match links like and does a permanent (301) redirection to .

So if you have a post like link your users will automatically be redirected to

Search engines will also recognize this as a permanent redirection and quickly update their database.

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