How to disable mobile redirection in Oxwall

Last updated on May 6th, 2018 at 09:35 am

The current Oxwall mobile is “whack” as many may call it. Most website features are currently unavailable in mobile platform including users registration. Recently, we have tackled the inability to change the mobile logo and a few other bugs that came with 1.6.

If you are sick of this mess and want to retain your desktop view even while on mobile, then you must consider using a responsive theme and applying the cool trick below.

In your Oxwall installation path go to /ow_include

and edit config.php file. Add the following line below

define('OW_PROFILER_ENABLE', false); 

(see image above).

    define('OW_USE_CONTEXT', 1);

Save your changes and reload your website from a mobile device.

This mod will only disable redirection of mobile users to the mobile version. However, the footer link will still be present and admin will be able to see the mobile settings on the admin dashboard.

To remove the footer menu, simply visit yourwebsite/admin/pages/manage, scroll down to the footer section and drag Mobile version to the hidden section (Find out more about managing pages and menu).

To re-enable mobile redirection, simply remove

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define('OW_USE_CONTEXT', 1);

from your config.php file.

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