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Last week Wednesday, Facebook rolled out an amazing feature that allows bloggers and web developers to embed their facebook post to a blog post or webpage, however, it may surprise you to know that this feature has been existing on twitter long before facebook thought of it.
This feature is not new to most of you but I still feel I should share it with those who like me, are yet to experience this awesome feature.

 And Why wasn’t I Updated?

The truth be told, I actually wanted to show off one of my tweets in my entertainment blog, but wasn’t sure on how to go about it, suddenly an idea popped into my head, viz… make a screen shot and upload it, of cause, that sounds like a great idea but on a second thought, I needed something that could also let my readers retweet, share and favorite this tweet.

The GoodNews….

Like a faerie in a faerie-tale, this old friend of mine suddenly popped out of nowhere and gave me what turned out to be the most exciting news of the day and in a few clicks and steps, I was able to embed my tweet into my blog post (Extended twitter for my blog 🙂).

The Solution

It didn’t take too long to set up “my extended twitter” as the steps are quite easy, here we go….

  • Hover on the tweet you want to embed and click on More ==> Embed Tweet.

  • Simply copy the code just above the preview box

  • Paste this code where you want your tweet to appear.

  Visible Result

I don’t blame you, if you have been looking for this, below is the demo, try it and give me your comments.

Embed #Facebook Posts into your Blog Post: Facebook has been improving over the recent years… http://t.co/DRwdBx5GfF
— Ebenezer Obasi (@ebenzunlimited) August 5, 2013

If you expected this update earlier before this, please, accept my humble apologies.

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