Add Editor’s Star Rating to your Blogger Posts

Last updated on May 5th, 2018 at 02:34 pm

One of my biggest objective this year is to help Nigerian bloggers on the Blogger platform stay professional even with a low budget. An objective I have reflected by purchasing top level domain name for 8 bloggers on the Blogger platform (Including 3 persons on Bloggers Lab).

Recently, a friend argued that technology and sport bloggers can not be professional on the Blogger platform due to editor’s star rating function lacking on the platform. He pointed out how much sponsors would love to showcase their products rating from high quality websites.

In respect to that argument, I have made this simple CSS Editor’s star rating widget you can embed on your Blogger posts.
Just for the record, I have removed every atom of JavaScript, based on the complaints of the explorer users. The widget will not affect your website speed in anyway.

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