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Last updated on May 2nd, 2018 at 05:02 pm

So last week, I made yet another Android app with ApyYet and yet another community site with the Oxwall software and it is called Nairatrain. Contrary to what the title suggests, Nairatrain is not a web application rather it is an Android app with a web version.

Nairatrain can be used to follow soccer updates, transfer news and live scores or see the latest celebrity news, music, vidoes and TV shows. Outside being entertained, you can also read latest technology news on Nairatrain and get great tips and how-to(s) including how to prepare any Nigeria dish you have dreamed of making .

The mobile app and it’s web version is designed to help you keep tracks on the rants, talks, and gossips buzzing around you using an aggregator to syndicate contents from over 100 websites in Nigeria and four other websites outside Nigeria. Each website content is categorized under a matching keyword (e.g: Stories from LindaIkeji’s Blog is likely to be found under entertainment news or celebrities).

List of Categories

Here is a list of category you can find in the Nairatrain Android app. It is listed in form of a menu at the left hand side of the screen.

  • Favorites: 24 Hours Ago, Unread Topics, All Stars
  • Technology: News Headlines, How-to, Browsing & Freebies, Android
  • Entertainment: News & Stories, Football, Music, Movies & TV
  • Health & Lifestyle: Health, Food & Diet, Style
  • More: General News, Education


Nairatrain apps come with four pre-defined themes namely: Light Theme, Dark Theme, Gnensis & One 9ja Theme (Default Theme). You can switch to a different theme by tapping the “Change Theme” menu on the Tools group.

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The app can be downloaded on the Google Play Store or from the Nairatrain website.

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