Top 5 Sites to Help You Develop Your Own WordPress Theme (Updated)

Are you tired of always being at the receiving end? Here is your opportunity to give yourself a chance!

Sometimes, we found ourselves in a state where we no longer want to rely on others for assistance other times, curiosity seems to get the better part of us. But whether you want to become a WordPress theme developer or just want to find out what’s hidden behind those beautiful layout of yours, here are the top 5 websites that will get you started.


While there are hundreds of free WordPress themes available for download, you may find that the template or options you want for your blog are not available and that you need to have a custom theme created. If you can’t afford to hire a designer, you can easily create your own theme from scratch. You don’t need to be a programmer or to be tech savvy in order to create your own theme. There are many Web sites and tutorials available to walk you through what you need to know.

Here are our picks for the 5 best sites to get you started.

Word Press: Theme Development

Here, you gotta learn from the BOSS itself: WordPress hosts a variety of information that walks you through everything you need to know about how to create and implement your own theme. Learn about the requirements for WordPress, get tutorials for coding, templates, and much more.

One Extra Pixel

This site offers a variety of in-depth lessons for a comprehensive introduction to creating your own WordPress themes. Lessons include creating templates, sidebars, navigation links, comment forms, validating, including widgets, and much more. The site also has more information for advanced students.

Theme Shaper

This WordPress theme tutorial is broken down into 11 individual lessons, including templates, page-specific design, archives, and much more. The site promises that you’ll also have a firm understanding of built-in search-engine optimization features, tools for widgets, valid markup, and more.

Free WP Training

This comprehensive site offers information for everything you would like to do on WordPress, from installing the software to creating your own theme. There are dozens of easy-to-follow tutorials and practical advice. Just search the archives or browse categories for an array of information.

Net Tuts

This easy-to-follow tutorial guides you through the basics of creating a WordPress theme from scratch. The tutorial starts with basic CSS information, then guides you through steps such as creating the header and footer, designing the sidebar, reviewing the code, and so on. This is a great tutorial for absolute beginners!

Though coding can seem complicated and intimidating, there are many tutorials that make the process much easier. By making your way through these tutorials, you can learn how to quickly and easily make a great theme that will provide you with a custom look and features that you want for your blog or Web site.

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