Top 10 Oxwall Suggestions that should be in a future release

Oxwall 1.7.2 recently came out, with some promising changes – mostly in the content moderation and flagging department. While a new update of Oxwall is always great, we being the users naturally want more and more improvements and introductions. The Oxwall developers know this fact, and what blossoms from this is the Oxwall Uservoice site – a place where Oxwall gurus and enthusiasts can share their suggestions for what they believe should be included in the next and/or future releases of Oxwall. Today, I’m going to share the Top 10 (not just the top 10 suggestions from the site). This list contains a mix of suggestions based on their votes, how they would impact the software, and more.

1)Fully Adjustable Custom Pages

This is a very popular suggestion on both the Oxwall Forums and Uservoice website. Users have shared their opinions on a more refined custom page system to be made on top of the existing custom page system. Some suggestions for this include things like the addition of widgets (from both the base and plugins), customizable themes, and more.
Having the option to use widgets and more on a custom page would help people distinct their Oxwall sites from everyone else’s.
Status: STARTED (The Oxwall team has put the product into development)

2)Search Bar as a core plugin

A trending suggestion has also been for the Oxwall team to make a default search plugin that is fully functional like existing search plugins, but better at well…searching! The standard Oxwall software currently doesn’t and never has included a native search bar option. The only search functions included on Oxwall by default or for searching for users.
Status: TBD

3)Privacy Choice on Each Post

If anything could go for more changes in Oxwall, it’s the Newsfeed. While great, it’s still imperfect and bare bones. This suggestion is to let post creators set the privacy for each post or their entire post, like on Facebook. However, in the terms of Oxwall this would help users that have their posts set to Friends only or Me only share things with other users without breaching their privacy.
Status: TBD

4)Newsfeed item notifications

This suggestion is a personal favorite of mine. The idea is to send notifications to the user on new likes/comments for a post they liked or commented on. This would overall just make the social aspect more integrated and stringed, making the Oxwall newsfeed system a notch above other’s.
Status: TBD


A big thing for any social-oriented site anymore is getting everything without hitting your refresh button. Many sites and softwares have made use of this, including Oxwall. However, real-time refresh for newsfeed/comments has NOT been implemented. The impact it would have is self-explanatory.
Status: Will be put in development soon.

6)Improved Forums

A big problem with many people and Oxwall is it’s forum plugin. I’ts bare-bones, offering very little to do. So, many users have asked for more and more to be added; most requests being summed up in this post. Improved forums would drive more people to use Oxwall for a community-based site.
Status: TBD

7)Group Chatroom

This suggestion requests to include a “Group chat” option where all site users can chat simultaneously. A great idea as many pre-loaded instant chat softwares have the feature. An added idea is to create group chats for your friends on the site to use privately. This would boost user interactivity.

8)Make Comments Editable

No one likes to post grammatical errors or spelling mistakes anywhere online, especially on a website where they will be interacting with other humans. That’s why the suggestion to edit comments is vital. There is a plugin on Oxwall to let users edit comments, but again with the philosophy of a default search in Oxwall, editable comments should also be a thing here.
Status: TBD

9)Private Photo Albums

 A common question across the Oxwall Forums is how to give users the option to make Photo Albums private. There is no answer yet, but we all are hoping that the Oxwall team will deliver this option in the future in an effort to make user privacy better for the sites running the software.
Status: TBD

10)Mobile App

Oxwall is still young, but it’s never too late to begin the process of creating a mobile application, Other softwares such as PHPFox already offer the option, and while there are several solutions on the OW Store, some people would recommend against it. Many Oxwallers have been swapping concepts about a Oxwall mobile app, and even our team at EWT Global Solutions has discussed it, but the best solution would be the one coming from the original software authors.
Status: TBD

Those are our top 10 picks for what Oxwall should include in it’s default software. What suggestions do you have? Leave a comment below!

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