Style your Oxwall Live Chat Box Version 2

The midweek was a busy and hectic one for me. Attending to offline duties and managing two blogs isn’t always the easiest thing to do, even if I found pleasure in doing them.

After a hectic day on Wednesday, I check my mailbox or rather mailboxes to see what’s up, among other messages I found this one really interesting; and it’s a shame many of you didn’t figure this out: The Oxwall Live Chat Box CSS modification code we released last month does not render correctly on the dialogue box.

Most of you simply did not notice it, others for some reasons didn’t bother to point this out to us. However, one of our readers sent me a pm yesterday regarding this issue and I wasted no time to confirm it.

Thanks to Shaji (You will get to know him soon), the problem was quickly resolved with a little bit of extra added to the new css code. You can test it live on our demo page (username: tester | Password: testing ).

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Oxwall Live Chat Box Version 2

This version will correct the color variation in the dialog box: The version one only changes the color of the chat box, when a chat dialog is started it uses the default styles. Below is the CSS modified code, copy it to and hit the save button when done.
Change #f90 to your custom color, it is recommended you use a color already existing in your website to avoid ‘color-riot’. Use the Hex Color Generator Tool to generate color code for your chat box if you don’t know your website color code.
The above css is the complete structure of the Oxwall Ajax IM, commented all through, you are free to tweak it to suit your taste. Paste your tweaks and complains on the comment section, commendation and sharing is welcome too 🙂 Happy Mid-Week 🙂

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