Responsive AddThis Share with Whatsnext and Recommended Posts Widget

In the summer of last year AddThis launched a very important code for webmasters. The sharing widget which they named Smart Layers is intended to create a user friendly sharing interface for your users irrespective of what device or screen size they access your website with.

In this version of AddThis several features has been introduced to enhance your users experience and we are going to discuss a few of them here.

Social sharing buttons

Unlike the previous versions, Smart Layers uses a metro style social sharing buttons. The buttons are floated to the left hand side of your website, the position is fixed and shows five sharing buttons by default.

Follow buttons

Smart Layers allow you to add your social media subscription links to your widget. The follow buttons will enable your users to quickly follow you on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, etc. This buttons are fixed to the top-right of your website.


This is a post slider that will slide out each time a user reaches the bottom of your page prompting them of your next post. The slider is placed at the bottom-left of your page.

Recommended post

Recommend post shows a number of post(s) you have published in the past at the bottom of your website page. The number of post displayed depends on your website screen size.

Responsive Layout

This features readjust the structure of your AddThis widget to fit into any screen size. On smaller screens features such as Whatsnext and Recommended Posts are hidden.

To add this widget to your blog or website simply copy the code below and paste it anywhere within your <body> </body> tag. Replace the coloured area with your corresponding ID or username.

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Here is a complete guide on how to install this widget on WordPress and other CMS. 

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