Oxwall Theme Review: You Book


Theme title You Book ( updated with fixed side menu)
Item published Day Line
Features sidebar-right, sidebar, facebook style, image in join page, pic in sign in page, sidebar menu
Price $12.99
Demo page artivweb.com/demo/oxwall/youbook/
License OSCL
Description Now you can edit theme colors from admin panel, Completely new theme with new sign in page, sign up page, and side main menu…nice for a community of any kind… Version Compatibility – 1.5.1, 1.5.3

We have taken it upon ourselves to pick out any theme we find exclusive from the oxwall store and subject it to public review, in this third edition of our theme review we shall take a look at one of the biggest thing in oxwall theme development, viz… “YouBook Theme” please feel free to express your opinion.

As  our last edition of oxwall theme review suggest: The concept of oxwall theme developers is gradually drifting away from the “primitive” “origin theme” to a more modern revolution theme ideology. This is to satisfy the high demand of users who need something special… “different from the normal”.

Day Line  seems to be very alive to this sudden demand and decided to make it big, viz…. solving very useful problems such as:

A Unique Join Page

Unlike tons of oxwall themes in the store, the YouBook theme features a unique join page, quite similar to the facebook join page. This join page provide a table like registration page, with a cute registration form on the right hand side.

Click here to learn how to customize your oxwall join page in other themes.
Customizable Sign-in Page

The sign-in page of the YouBook theme is basically what every oxwall user has been looking for, lets be honest here; you need to try something different, take a look at the sign-in demo, cute right? Of course the image on the sign-in page can be changed directly from your admin panel, no custom coding is needed to do this.

Fixed Main Menu Bar

Like the facebook oxwall theme and a few other themes in the store, this theme has it’s main menu bar placed on a fixed position (when an object is fixed, it remains unaffected by scrolling) on the left hand side of your screen.

Join Now Widget with Background Image

This feature is very new to oxwall theme development; it allows you to add a background image to the join-now button you placed on your index page.

Full Customizable Layout

The layout of the youbook theme is easily customizable, that is to say that you can change almost every thing about the theme and bring it to your taste right from your admin panel.

Additional Customizations

Still enjoy coding? here are some additional customization you can do to the youbook theme and any other theme from the store.

What’s more?

Less I forget to mention this, the youbook theme also comes with a new console menu items, surprised? Check the theme preview image at the begining of this post to comfirm what I have just said.

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Every free born has the right to express there opinion, do not shy away from participating in this theme review.

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