Oxwall Theme Review: Facebook Theme

In this our first edition of the oxwall themes review, we shall take a look at one of the most exciting oxwall theme of all time: The Facebook Theme.

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Theme title Facebook
Item published Roxwall
Price $11.99
License OSCL

Facebook style theme with New Notification Icon’s on Console. fixed header and left sidebar. matching colors, icons, drop down menu, updated forum, groups and event section, new blue color icon set and much more.

The facebook oxwall theme is designed to suite the taste of facebook lovers, with some unique features of it’s own, such as:
  1. New Console Menu: The console menu has become a label to identify every oxwall powered site, but the Facebook oxwall theme features a very unique console menu; replacing the usual Messages, Notifications, Friend Requests, Settings etc texts with viz… cute descriptive images


  2.  Left Sidebar: Unlike most oxwall themes, the facebook oxwall theme come with a unique left sidebar just like the facebook side bar.
  3. Fixed Header: This feature lets your website header to maintain a fixed position. (i.e your header items including the console menu maintain a steady position irrespective of whether you scroll up or down). Though few will ague that this has become a tradition for most oxwall themes but it still remain a priceless commodity for facebook lovers.
  4. Customizable Layout: If you just like the layout structure of facebook but do not desire to have the exact copy of facebook,

    then I recommend this theme for you, as it features full customizable layout such as customizing the link color, text color, header color/image, background color etc, to be honest almost everything about this theme can be customize right through your admin panel.

  5. Main Menu with Image: This theme automatically add descriptive images to each of your main menu items. This allow your users to further understand the content of a page before they click on it.

    To add a descriptive image manually to you main menu items in other themes click here.

Further Customization from us.

 If you want to find out how you can customize your join page to have a facebook look click here.

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