Oxwall 1.6.1 on the way

Last updated on May 6th, 2018 at 09:32 am

They say expecting is one way of hurting yourself. But what if you have been given reason to expect? Expecting doesn’t hurt you; Assuming does.

It’s barely 2 months since Oxwall 1.6 was finally released and many users can’t wait for another update. A lot of expectation was piled on Oxwall 1. 6 prior to it’s release. Even much more was expected from its highly anticipated mobile platform.

While many users has criticized it for its numerous bugs and errors, a few others think the mobile platform is a way too overrated and considering disabling the mobile redirection. Well, the good news is that Oxwall 1.6.1 is on the way!

A close source has reported to EwtNet that certain moves has been made towards the development of 1.6.1. The source revealed that the new updates will be focused on correcting some “known” bugs and making necessary adjustment to the mobile platform.

Oxwall however, mentioned in a blog post that its next move will include the extension of user role and account type functions.

We understand that there are still many elements within Oxwall software that can be improved. Let’s take a look at one such area, which will likely make it to the next iteration – the functionality extension of user roles and account types

They went further to stress the difficulties facing the extension of this function and assured users of coming up with a solution as soon as possible.

Now, there are also a couple of related issues with account types. The interface is somewhat difficult to grasp, and there is also the fact that one question can be assigned per one account type only. Both of these will be tackled, and in the result the interface will become significantly more user-friendly, while single profile questions will be allowed to be assigned per multiple account types simultaneously. Hopefully this gives you a bit of insight on the things that keep us occupied.

New features 

Oxwall 1.6.1 will still be incomplete if only bugs and user role function is fixed. So, we will take a look at Oxwall’s to-do list and pick up some features we are likely to see in the next update.

  • Mailbox and Chat merge + add mobile version support: This features will allow mailbox and instant chat integration in your Oxwall platform. Quite similar to that of Facebook: Users will be able to see their chats in there mailbox.
  • Profile join in mobile version: Currently one of the reasons to disable mobile redirection in Oxwall 1.6: New user registration is currently unavailable in the mobile view. This feature may be included in Oxwall 1.6.1.
  • Completely redesign Photo plugin: Of course, the present photo plugin is a bit outdated. We are likely to see a Facebook-like photo plugin in the future.
  • Account types improvements: Be rest assure that without this, there will be no Oxwall 1.6.1
…any known bug fixes and some small improvements: Oxwall 1.6 has quite a number of them.

Release date

Currently, no release date has been fixed. We will prompt you once a release date is announced. However, users can still update there current platform without errors by following the video guide below.
While the future of Oxwall promises a great deal, the lessons from the recent update has thought users the dangers of expecting much. If you want to receive email notifications of our announcements and Oxwall custom mod enter your email address below and hit subscribe.

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