Oxwall 1.6 to Come with sFTP support

A few weeks ago oxwall blog admin Emil, announced that the target release date for oxwall 1.6 has been set to August. If this prompted a look of disappointment on your face, you are not alone, but on a second thought I decided that it was worth the wait!

Oxwall is no hurry to break their flawless value for quality and accuracy over speed and their users are likely to enjoy lots of mouth-watering features other than the “long-awaited” mobile version.

What to Expect from Oxwall 1.6

Although surprises are great but somehow you need to build on your expectations, and that’s exactly what I am going to help you do. Lets take a quick look at the 6 projects currently in development, likely to be seen on oxwall 1.6 in the order of their planned release time.

  1.  Social share integration: Looks like at last oxwall is going to spare facebook and twitter lovers the stress of sharing (copying) links manually to facebook and other social network. This feature will allow you and your members to share your website posts and pages through the help of integrated social media buttons.
  2. sFTP support: Initially the oxwall software support only login through FTPS (FTP over SLL) access for uploading/updating themes and plugins, however, they are likely to introduce support for sFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) as the roadmap suggested.
  3.  Forum improvements: The forum plugin is likely to come with some improvements such as: searching a forum topic by the author username.
  4. Themes autoupdate mechanism???: This is entirely a new idea. Probably a feature that will automatically update your theme each time a new version of your theme is released. Or (unlikely) a feature that will integrate the mobile css into your current theme.
  5. SEO improvements: The new oxwall must necessary feature a more SEO “friendly interface”, probably, an improved SEO settings interface (Instead of using the complex language settings for meta tag, description and keywords)???
  6. Mobile version: One thing I can assure you is that oxwall 1.6 will never be released without the mobile version. With all the packages loaded with 1.6 mobile version is still the most wanted oxwall “commodity”

“Though the speed of the boss is the speed of the team” Oxwall users have a cause to rejoice over disappointment!

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