New Enhanced Mobile and what to Expect in Oxwall 1.7.2

It’s barely two months since the last version of Oxwall was released right after the 1.7 platform was introduced, and we might see yet another update in such a short while.

EwtNet believes that Oxwall 1.7.2 is likely to showcase towards the ending of this month [October] or beginning of next month. If that is to happen, we will be seeing the third platform update in the space of four months – the most outstanding update rate of the social networking software in recent time.

Among improved admin UI and bunch of other improvements, Oxwall confirmed in a blog post that the next release will be focused on enhancing your site’s users experience on mobile. We believe that this mobile version improvement will include support for blogs, forum, event and most of the plugins omitted in the previous versions.  An extract from the blog post is quoted below.

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With the upcoming update we are taking an aim at Content Moderation. For quite sometime we’ve been looking for an opportunity to fix/improve the current flagging system (that was begging for an overhaul), and we finally found enough time to do just that.

The new user-friendly interface will be more intuitive, and allow to flag Users, Comments, Events, as well as Newsfeed status updates. The option for the Admin to appoint Moderators for each type of content will remain in place.

A look at the Oxwall roadmap reveals that Oxwall is working on improving messages plugin’s user interfaces, redesigning avatar changing process, rebuilding content moderation tools and fixing some known bugs. Below is a list of what to expect in Oxwall 1.7.2

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  • Rebuild content moderation tools
  • Redesign avatar changing process
  • Improve Messages plugin’s user interfaces
  • Admin Panel Improvement
  • Content Management System Introduction
  • Default Theme Reimagining
  • Mobile Version Enhancement
  • User Interface Facelift

Expected Release Date

No release date has been assigned to the new platform update. However, we believe that an update is likely to place within the end of this month or the beginning of November. We have contacted an Oxwall admin regarding development progress and expected release date of the platform.
We are yet to get a feedback from the Oxwall team

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