How to Restrict Widget(s) Views in Oxwall

I know most of you are already acquainted with the ‘Restrict View’ feature added to Oxwall 1.5.2. For those of you, who are yet to know about this feature; here is an intro, reason and how to use the ‘Restrict View’ option in Oxwall 1.5.2.

The ‘Restrict View’ option can be used to specify what user sees a particular widget on your Oxwall powered website. This option is based on the user roles you have created and you may need to update the option each time you add a new user role.

If  you add a new widget to your Oxwall website, by default, the visibility is set to all, i.e. Every user of your community website (including guests) will be able to see this widget.
However, there are some widgets you want only those in a specific user group/role to see, or you might want to hide a particular widgets entirely from guests and maybe visible to members only.


In any of these conditions mentioned above, this feature will suit just fine.

How to Set Oxwall Widgets Visibility

To set who sees a particular widget on your Oxwall site, kindly visit the widget arrangement section. Below is the widget arrangement section of each page on your Oxwall website.
Main –
Dashboard –
Profile –
When you visit any of the widget arrangement section above, click on the Gear icon just above the widget you want to set its visibility and follow the steps below.

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  • Check the box next to Restrict View.
  • Check the boxes of the roles you want your widget to be visible to, from the ‘Visible for user roles‘ section. If you want to hide this widget only from guests, simply uncheck the box behind ‘Guest‘ and check other user roles. Note: By default, every member is added to ‘Free‘ user role, this setting can however, be changed from, you can as well customize and create new user roles from there.
  • When you are done with your changes, hit the Save button. See image below for a demonstration.

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